It All Changed One Day
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filopateer1710 A broken wee lad
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A hopeless desolation I want her to know

It All Changed One Day

Although my life was hard I was always optimistic

for life in my eyes was magically artistic

even when depressed and blue

I never really changed my view

Every new challenge I faced to reach my goal

I'd come out victorious happily feeling whole

No matter how superficial it seems

I never gave up on my goals or dreams

I did feel lonesome but I didn't fret

for it was no issue just not YET

Then one day to my life she came

Inspiring me & igniting my flame

she told me she loves me, my heart skipped a beat

I bursted out a crying for she made me complete

My amber brown eyes immediately dilated

when I realized she's everything I long awaited

I gave her my heart making her literally my life

she said she couldn't wait for marriage for being my wife

telling each other "I love you"

"I do more" we'd always argue

but it all changed one day

when "nothing is sure for us" she did say

"we'll decide after sometime but just for now i need a break"

that's the moment my heart was shattered and began to ache

"I didn't stop loving you but we're not the same"

at that very moment lonesomeness a problem became

And my views did change for I lost my life

losing interest in everything feeling depleted and full of strife

she left my heart with a hopeless desolation

and I angrily want her to know

Her memory will haunt me wherever I go

family and friends cant understand when I explain

that I'll never be happy and heal from the pain

yes to them it may seem weird

but this was the only thing I feared

joy is dead within me for my heart is a stone

she was the only true happiness that I had ever known

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