Under The Stars (Part 4 of: Chess)
Under The Stars 
(Part 4 of: Chess) chess series stories

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Love comes in many shapes and sizes which Chess and Mercy are beginning to discover....but will they dare explore love when trails arise?

Under The Stars (Part 4 of: Chess)

Gently Chess brought Mercy's hand to his lips.

Both were in their simple disguises: Chess in a golden masquerade mask and Mercy wearing the helmet from a suit of armor.

It was a practical and rather a strange sight, but love comes in many sizes.

Chess released Mercy's hand with a shared smile.

Under the moonlight the garden's roses glimmered a deep scarlet red. On the stone bench where the prince and Mercy were seated, the moon cast a light around them.

Mercy was the first to speak, "I think we can remove our disguises."

Her child-like glee warmed Chess's heart. They both removed their disguises though after the prince had set his mask in his lap, his gray eyes flickered to Mercy.

"I've missed you," He quietly atoned.

She did not utter a word but her wounded silence echoed his statement. In darkness, he prayed Mercy to understand and sympathize with him as he spoke.

"When I left," Chess began sullenly. "It wasn't because of what happened...in that field of daisies-"

She cut him off when she raised her hand.

"You should know, Chess," she looked him square in the eyes, "that daisies are now my favorite flower since then."

Her reply was cool and unfeeling which he hoped wasn't her portraying her feelings for him.

He stared at the roses, blushing a similar color. "This is not how I expected this evening to be..."

Mercy paused. "Agreed."

Now standing, Chess offered her his hand. Timidly she accepted, walking alongside the prince as he guided her down a meandering path.

She soon realized their hands were intertwined and lowered her eyes from his face.

"Are you still working for Ali," The prince asked as they walked.


The conversation carried with Mercy applying as little as she could in her responses. He finally quit his questions when he sensed she would soon only be silent.

Their path ended before a lovely gazebo created from carved wood on a hill.

There, Chess led Mercy and they both sat down beneath an opening in the roof where they could see the stars in all their beauty.

Chess could hear Mercy gasp in wonder and in delight. "It's beautiful."

He nodded in agreement, observing the galaxy above them. "My brother and I built this place years ago when we were planning to run away.

It was the only area where we could escape to and see the stars clearly. We used to say we would travel to the stars..."

Mercy squeezed his hand. "And you did."

The prince sighed and laid his head against one of the sizes of the gazebo. "I did, but my brother never made it."

Placing her head against his shoulder with her eyes closed she mumbled, "What happened?"

"He died five years ago from idiopathic properties."


He glanced at where she lied against him, in moonlight she was even more alluring. Drawing in a breath he whispered, "We should leave before anyone notices we're missing."

Blushing in a prodigal scale, Mercy cleared her throat and stood.

They walked no longer in wounded silence as they arrived at Mercy's door. The prince could not stand to not feel her touch.

So, as she was about to leave he hailed her softly, "Goodnight, Mercy." Lifting her hand to his lips once more, he departed with a bow.

Since he had left so hastily he did not hear her whisper of, "Goodnight," as he left.

By @FilmRose (This is my first romance, so enjoy~)

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