The Princess (Chess: Part 6)
The Princess (Chess: Part 6) romance stories
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The princess shall be taken on the day of the festival....

The Princess (Chess: Part 6)

Belle had taken a fancy to the young princess.

She was pretty for sure, charming, and certainly worth a fortune thanks to her protective brother, Chess.

The ambassador turned to his hirer, a slow creeping smile crossing his face.

His hirer was a woman not to be trifled with, she was cunning but also quick to be cruel.

"You will take the princess on the thirty first," Belle's employer announced.

A stable boy, one of Belle's employees, stammered, "B-but that the day of the festival. With all those people around..."

Belle paused.

"It will be easier. Belle can get close to her and lead her somewhere. Now, Belle, dispose of him," The employer hailed.

Quietly Belle dragged the stable boy out the door of the meeting room....

Now it was for certain, the princess would be kidnapped the day of the festival.

By @FilmRose

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