Super Squirrel (Part 2)
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Part 2 of a super Squirrel named Henry Baren. What's instore for our hero?

Super Squirrel (Part 2)

I trudged on through the street and didn't care that I had dropped my hickory nut in the sewers. I walked to the house on all fours and climbed up the one tree in the yard.

A dog and a hooman ran into the yard. The dog saw me and began barking at me. I didn't care that I had survived; starvation, the sewers, the car, and living by myself as a child.

I climbed down the tree and punched that dog in the face. The dog whimpered and ran into the house. "That should do it," I muttered.

The hooman girl froze in shock and stammered, "Y-y-you can talk?!" I looked at her and stopped dead in my tracks. Squirrels understand hoomans but they certainly couldn't speak to hoomans.

That meant I was... No, I couldn't be.....Mutated.

I stared at my paws. Had I been Mutated? It was rare for a squirrel-like myself to be mutated. I had heard about it but I never thought I could be a mutation.

I started shaking in fear of what I had become. The girl moved swiftly towards me with a box and that is when I fainted.

When I awoke, I was in some type of container with holes on the sides and top. I ran to a hole and The same girl I had seen in the yard. She was...making some sort of clothing.

I could see some colors. The colors were; blue, red, and yellow? What was she making? I squinted to see it but she turned and placed it down on the table before I could see it. "Your awake.

" She said. I nodded. She was about to lift the box but stopped. "Once I lift the box you can't leave." I nodded again. She slowly lifted the box and watched as I stood there.

"Thank you," I said. She slowly smiled, not used to me talking yet. I gestured to the clothing with my paw. "What is it?" She grabbed it and dropped it in front of me.

I grabbed two ends of it and held it up. It was a superhero costume the size of a squirrel. "Why is it a superhero costume in my size, Hooman?" The girl laughed.

"My name is Dakota, and that is your superhero costume for saving all!" She announced proudly. I stared at her with my large brown eyes.

"You realize I'm a squirrel, right?" Dakota frowned and pointed out her window. "Out there are many people who need your help.

I know you're mutated but when you punched my dog I noticed how strong you are, and I thought of a superhero. I haven't tested your abilities yet, but I will." I looked at her and then nodded.

She smiled and she pointed to a hamster ball. "I want to test your speed, first."

I nodded and the montage music started. Listen to this during the montage, The montage will not take up the whole music. The montage should stop around 2 minutes and 13 seconds of the song.

Link to montage music:

I ran into the ball and began running. My pace picked up as I ran around the small room in the ball. I looked down and saw my feet, they were running quickly.

When My speed was done being tested, I next tried strength. Dakota handed me weights and I lifted them until I couldn't do it anymore. We next tried my flexibility.

Dakota tied me in a sweater and I ripped through it. After several minutes of her trying to sew her sweater back together, we tried invisibility.

Dakota brought her dog in and tested if I could be invisible. We tried for ten minutes until Dakota decided we should try flying.

She put me on her desk and watched as I jumped and for a moment was in the air. I landed on my face. She next tried healing.

She used a needle to poke herself and then made me hum as I hovered my hand over her skin. It ended with her putting a bandage on her finger. Following the other events, we tried super senses.

Dakota made me smell a piece of bread and then hide it somewhere in her room. After taking a breath of air I knew it was under her bed. I dashed under her bed and saw....spiders.

I let out a short scream and grabbed a toothpick and fought the spiders. It took me a while but I finally retrieved the bread. We then tried immortality.

She hit me with a book and I fell over on her carpeted floor gasping for air since she had knocked it out of me. I noticed after each test she scribbled something on a piece of paper.

Finally, on one of the tests, I asked what she was writing. She answered, "The Results." When we're done with testing abilities, she began educating me on the hooman lifestyle.

We started with cars. She explained what they were for and why I shouldn't go out on the street.

We then did; stoplights, food, banks, houses, beds, hoomans, jobs, schools, money, math, science, writing, history, the list was endless.

The hardest ones for me were; beds since I lived in a nest, stop lights since squirrels were kind of color-blind, history because all I had ever learned was how to survive,

math because squirrels couldn't really do math, writing since I didn't have thumbs, food because I didn't eat meat,

money because all squirrels really did were fight over nuts or bickering all the time, jobs because squirrels didn't work, and basically everything was hard.

After making me a bed, Dakota went to sleep. I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was the testing. I decided I should work harder, so I got out of my bed and began to get to work.

I lifted weight after weight, jumped off of Dakota's desk until it hurt horribly, studied Dakota's books, listened to the sounds of the night, tried to heal myself, and so many other things.

After training for so long, I was about to retreat to my bed but saw Dakota's paper.

I read them: No Flexibility, Strength is powerful, speed is quite fast, Can't fly, Can not heal, doesn't know anything about human culture, Not sure about immortality, Great super senses,

all and all he is an amazing experiment.

The word experiment echoed in my mind. Was that all I was, an experiment? I looked around and hopped out the window. All I was to her was an experiment. I ran not stopping for anything.

But in the middle of my running. A car hit and my fist broke it's light. I ran and stopped a tree. I looked at my paws.

All I was to Dakota was an experiment, and all I was to myself was a mutated squirrel. My heart pounded against my chest and then there in the distance, I saw it. I parents.

I ran to them and begged them to take me home. My mother stroked my fur and whispered to me words of comfort. Suddenly the memory faded into another, this time with my father.

He stared out into the sky and told me, "You are special. One day you will understand your importance."

My eyes opened, I looked at my hands. They were human. I sighed and walked outside with my dog. There on top of the tree was a squirrel that looked like the one in my dream. It stared at it.

The squirrel stared at me. I knew I was crazy for asking it but I still did, "What is your name?"

The squirrel blinked. "Henry Baren."

By @FilmRose

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