Super Squirrel (part 1)
Super Squirrel (part 1) fiction stories

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In a world where squirrels are the new superheroes lies Henry Baren, an outlander. Outlanders are animals that no one wants or are just too weird. But Henry Baren accidently becomes a superhero when he jumps into a sewer and meets a hooman (a.ka. human) girl named Dakota.

Super Squirrel (part 1)

I sat on the tree branch with my nut in my mouth. It was burying day, the day where all squirrels, like myself, would bury our nuts for the winter.

I sat there observing the ground from above, thinking of where I was to bury my nut. I hastily scrambled down the tree and looked for the perfect area, to place my one beautiful hickory nut.

I squinted as the sun fell against my face, The mornings had always been the busiest time of day, especially when near winter.

I remembered what I had learned as a young squirrel; In fall you find your nuts and depending on what squirrel you bury them,

in winter if you're a tree squirrel you store your nuts and don't hibernate, and in spring you do whatever a squirrel desires.

I blinked as I saw all the squirrels quickly find a place to bury their nuts. It was my first time burying my own nuts.

Normally, I would wait the winter out without any food or beg for food from other squirrels. Since my parents had died from a menacing red fox when I was just a baby, I was always on my own.

But that never stopped me from trying to merge into one of the squirrel tribes.

Where I lived there were five tribes; The Fox Squirrel tribe, The Gray Squirrel Tribe, The Red Squirrel Tribe, The Flying Squirrel Tribe, and The ground Squirrel Tribe.

I was a gray and a black squirrel but the other squirrels refused to let me into their group because my mother was a black squirrel while my father was a gray squirrel.

I was a crossbreed, and crossbreeds weren't allowed in any of the tribes. Those who were different were called; Outlanders.

I stepped through the garden hoping at least one squirrel would approach me, but none did. I ran on all fours to the valley. The valley was where most outlanders lived.

There were very few outlanders but over the years the number of outlanders had increased to; four. The first outlander I had met was Pepper Quiller. Pepper was a giant rat.

Giant rats were very rare and she became an outlander for being the only kind of Giant rat in her homeland which was New Mexico.

The second outlander I met was Fred Kangen, a skunk who thought he was a dog. The third outlander I met was ButterBean Alice, she was a cat.

Her name was Alice but we gave her the nickname Butter Bean, because, well, she eats a lot of butter.

The fourth outlander was me, My name was Henry Baren. I searched around the valley with my eyes for the other outlanders. However, the outlanders were rarely at the valley.

I smiled, I was alone. I walked through the valley, scurrying as I went. Looking for the perfect place to bury my one hickory nut.

Usually, squirrels would have at least three nuts to bury, but since the outlanders were outcasts it was hard to find food. I stepped through the valley to the edge of the town.

Squirrels never went over there. It was said there were beasts that killed any squirrel who was there. They called themselves; Hoomans.

Hoomans were savage beasts, they cut down the trees, and they'd use devices called; car. The car would hurt the squirrels and even sometimes kill one.

If squirrels went over there to find food they'd be chased by dogs or even somethings Hoomans.

The Hoomans also had a device called; newspaper. Those were the only things I had heard about Hoomans. In the distance, I saw a small tree that was perfect for my nut.

I began to run to the town, despite what I had been told about the hoomans. I dashed to the tree but before I could make it, I heard the sound of the car.

I turned to see it rushing towards me. With my eyes wide, I ran to the sidewalk. The car sped past me and stopped at a strange device, which I would soon discover to be called a stoplight.

I looked around the town and saw it's horrible chaos. The car, the dead trees, the dry grass, the dogs, the horrible Hoomans, and the newspaper.

I hurried to a house and began searching for the tree I wanted to bury my nut under. Soon, a dog saw me and chased me. I let out a short scream and ran into the street.

Luckily, there were no cars. The dog with fury in its eyes chased me all around the street. Finally, I knew I needed to find a way to escape.

I observed around me and saw a peculiar round hole with a lid on top. I scrambled to the lid and lifted it with all my strength.

Even though it smelled horrible I hopped inside of it and fell into disgusting green water. While in the water I accidentally swallowed something bright green.

The water forced me down the rusty pipes and almost made me drown on the way. After a while, the water led me to another hole.

I pushed it open with all my might and found I was in front of a small house.

(PART 1)

By @FilmRose (Please excuse any bad grammar, etc. This is a really old story, I wrote a while ago.)

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