Forever Malediction
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She is forever cursed with wings...

Forever Malediction

Her arms reached to the sky longingly. She reached for the stars, wanting more than anything that moment to be there. If only she could fly....

or maybe she could? She put her arms out to her sides. Her raven colored hair swept onto her shoulders. She moved one arm to the sky and the other folded around her stomach.

She let her arms fall to her side. Still hoping to reach them she straightened her posture and her bare feet lightly lifted off the ground.

She moved her hands to her back, moving the cloak to her side. Her left hand brushed against the black feathers on her back. She shuddered at the touch.

Each feather floated with her in the air lifting her higher and higher off the ground. She was cursed forever...with wings.

Of course she loved flying and being so close to the stars.

But she missed the company she had when she was a human. She was a human...only with wings. Other humans had cast her out of society. She missed speaking to humans.

She had the company of animals but it still wasn't enough. Her wings flapped as she flew through the hard air. She flew far away from the forest she called home.

A single black feather fell from her back.

She watched it dance through the air below her, dropping lower and lower until it would fall to the ground. Once it was out of sight she continued to fly.

As she flew the ground below her became foreign. The wind blew against her, causing her to lose her balance. Her hair blew in front of her face, blocking her vision. She was falling.

A gasp escaped her lungs. Before she could regain her balance, branches scratched her and trees tore at her. She closed her eyes wishing it would stop.

She felt the ground under her under her body. Uncertain of where she was, she stood. Noticing the cuts and bruises she had, she walked through the forest instead of flying.

Worry soon consumed her. She hid her wings with the cloak that hung from her side.

Trees stood high above her, water rushed from a nearby stream, sounds of animals made her sigh of relief, twigs snapped under her feet. She frowned at the unexplored forest.

Despite her injuries she continued through the forest. She felt stones of all shapes under her feet.

Instead of looking at them she closed her eyes and felt them under her feet, imagining the shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, textures and age.

Each stone had a story and each story she was willing to hear. She knelt at a small stream. She cupped her hands in the water, in doing so the water rippled. She lifted the water to her lips.

A small amount of water spilled and landed on her lap.

As she drank she stared at her reflection in the water. Her reflection was different from how she always pictured herself.

Though her reflection was human, she still felt she would never be accepted as a human. Her hand went through the water, rippling her reflection. She sighed.

Her hands dripped, water droplets slid off of her fingertips to the ground. The sound of a twig breaking made her freeze. Her heart pounded against her chest. Her breath was heavy.

The bushes rustled in front of her. A horse approached her from the bushes. Reins and saddles still on the animal. It was without a rider. At the sight of the animal she took a step towards.

The horse whined. She approached it and lifted a hand to it. "Hello." She whispered. It whined in reply.

By @FilmRose (An old story, I apologize for any wrong spelling of words or grammar)

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