Another Word For Poison
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Arseny, Ekaterina, and Inessa are assassins and their next job is to kill the next ruler of their kingdom, prince Andrei.

Another Word For Poison

"You look great in denim," Arseny ogled.

I was dressed in a jean jacket with a modest yet low V neck shirt along with combat boots, black jeans, and hoop earrings.

My amaretto red hair was braided into a curled plait by my best friend Ekaterina.

I rolled my eyes at Arseny, nodded, and said, "Shut it, lover boy."

Ever since we were kids I've known Arseny had a crush on me, it was too awkward to really think about but it was a shared joke with me and Ekaterina.

I mean, I used to have fleeting crushes on him and the other boys in the village but it still seemed strange. After all, we were friends.

"Thanks," I muttered under my breath to Arseny before swiftly turning to Ekaterina.

She smiled at me with her perfect dimpled smile. Ekaterina had always been so beautiful, so perfect, and always the favorite amongst the boys.

Even though she certainly knew the boys fancied her she was shy and often dragged me into helping her come up with some excuse to leave.

"I think my work is cut out for me," Ekaterina said admiringly.

Normally I wouldn't let her do my makeup, I usually didn't wear any, but we'd been hired tonight for a special job.

A job to kill the prince.

By @FilmRose

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