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Episode 1.
What if one day you end up telling the world you have powers.... What if they don't accept you?.... And what if only 'HE' does?...


Episode 1.

I met the devil today. He told me that I am his mate. That I am the gate keeper to hell.

I love my profession. I'm an actress.... Have done so many films and dramas. But I think I am weird. Fought a lot since I was young with the odd power I have. I won't call myself normal. But definitely not special. But surely weird.

Hi my name is Lisa. I am at my sweet 25. An international actress.... Awards have found it's way to me always.

Tall, bright blue eyes, fair skin, and being a blonde have helped me with my success. My parents are from Massachusetts. But I live in L.A . For my profession ofc.

Today I have an interview celebrating my latest achievements. My co-actors and few old friends are invited for this interview too.

When they started the interview I was surprised to see the fun activities they planned for us. Half way through.. the interviewer asked me- "Miss Lisa, I have heard from your fans that you have a special but at the same time weird fact about you."

Shit, my heart skipped a beat. I never knew that my fans knew about this. Who told them? My agency will kill me if I speak or respond to this topic. But how?... How did they know?

The interviewer and everyone around understood that I didn't wanna talk about this. Still why are they waiting for a reply?.... Just let this question go.... Move on to the next.... Please...... Should I say....

Should I tell the interviewer and through this the world.... Maybe not... Or maybe Oh well whatever... I hid it my whole life.. Can't anymore.... I replied to the interviewer

"Yes... I can see THE DEVIL."

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