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A covid journal. The world is a play and we mere actors .


With the heavens and the sky reflecting my mood, I reached my native country after spending a long five years of solitude thousands of miles away.

The memories I have of this place then is condracting everything I am observing right now.

Empty seats, vacant booths without the chatter- chatter and pride inducing noise from the turbos, this JGK airport feels like a classroom on a Sunday.

I am an auto mechanic engineer working for a Japanese multinational corporation in Osaka.

Five years ago I never thought I would have to return to this country nor to my past again. I

escaped from this reality a long time ago not to a paradise but atleast I did. But to be pulled

back into your nightmares by a microscopic murderer is beyond my reckoning.

Seeing the ambulance and the astronaut like health workers that have assembled to receive me, gave me a momentary day dream that everything got better.

And then I remembered that the past cannot be changed.

As I walked out of the main doors, after so many procedures and formalities that I even lost count, one of the space man mumbled through his suit to me "Mr.

David ?, please get in the vehicle u will be taken directly to the hospital."

I really wish the guy spoke louder, so now I have no idea which hospital these people are taking

me to. Without waiting for a reply they signalled me to board the ambulance.

With the water and their suits my companions are finding it hard to keep their balance on this roller coaster ride to whichever place they are taking me to.

The wet space man once again started to mumble "it will take atleast an hour and a half." or something close to that.

So let me take this time to explain to u guys why I have this severe phobia to the country which is still my mother nation.

"Abraham....? Abraham David?..u have a visitor."

That nun is so kind, she was like a mother to me. I rushed downstairs to see two unfamiliar

faces and my black and white mom in the guest room. Five year old me couldn't get used to the

fact that I have to leave my room and my friends and my toys and of course my mother nun and travel away to the other half of the country to stay with my new family.

The new house was nice the woman and the man was nice to me. And surprisingly it only took me 7 years to finally start addressing my new guardians as "mom" and "dad".

At the age of 18 I got my first car. The horse on the bonnet hood made me popular among my friends.

Six months later I killed my mom and dad in a car accident. Driving was not always my forte but drinking was. Now that I am all alone again the struggles returned.

The banks took my guardian's savings away. Seems like they never wanted me to inherit anything from them.


"Mr David,.. these are the papers that you have to fill". Oh my good god why are there so many??!

I fumbled around with the pen and the papers and the luggages whilst walking down an isolated hall.

Busy trying to figure out the initial day I started to show symptoms, I didn't even realize that I was already hooked on to a handfull of monitors.

The weather was still the same and puddles were created near my bed by my shoes. I have no relatives here.

I had friends but I guess they stop being your friends if you ghost them for the past few years. Those old strangers were once my angels. They helped me escape. I studied further by part-timing.

I did every measly job available and possible for my fees. Barely passing my finals I flew out of the country at the age of 25.

This coming of age story of mine might be boring you but I have no good memories from my time in this hell. Which is exactly why on return all those memories does too.

Four weeks I spent in the hospital away from the outside world, happy. The virus were both my boon and my curse those four weeks.

Now standing in the sun with luggages around waiting for the taxi, I started to ponder about what destination I will request to the driver. 40 min later I reached my hotel.

To stay in this country for another month would be devastating. I wanna go back to my inferno. But the whole world is in a hellish situation. Every one might be feeling the pain like me.

Stranded, alone and sick. Curses to the pandemic I returned to my hell-


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