Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 5: Omestic Question

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 5: Omestic Question comedy stories

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Willow convinces Luz and Kirby to sneak into Hexside to seek the most valuable artifact

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 5: Omestic Question

*At Hexside, Willow is fed up with the announcement*

Willow: Gus! Can you believe it that tomorrow, the students are gonna see Hexside's most beautiful gem?

Gus: Yes! I heard it's the rarest of all time!

Willow: I gotta go tell Luz and Kirby about this!

*Back at the Owl House*

Willow: And that's why we really wanted to see this amazing gem! You guys wanna come at night to sneak in?

Luz: What? Oh, I see. This is gonna be amazing!

Kirby: Umm...Willow, I would come but...Principal Bump banned me from Hexside

Willow: Oh yeah

Kirby: I can't go back there

Willow: Then, why don't we all sneak out at night seeing the gem?

Luz: That might be a great idea!

Eda: No, besides. That gem is so rare, that it's really hard to find. Literally, the hardest

Luz: Of course Eda, but me and Kirby, along with Willow are going to go see that gem ourselves

Eda: Well, that's a hotshot (Walks upstairs)

*At night, Luz, Willow, and Kirby arrived at Hexside*

Luz: Okay, we're here

Willow: Oh, let's not forget (Puts a witch hat on Kirby's head)

Kirby: What's it for?

Willow: It's for a disguise

Kirby: Okay, thanks

*The three head inside*

Willow: Okay the gem must be around here somewhere

Kirby: Okay...how about here? (Opens the door, but screams are heart. Shuts the door) OR MAYBE NOT!

Luz: Woah! Jeez.

Willow: Hmm...man these security guards are so smart of keeping things safe

Kirby: How about we try all of them?

Luz: Yes, we should

*Amity sees the three inside the building*

Amity: (Outside) Gotcha (Rushes off)

Kirby: I think we should run?

Willow: Nope. Keep searching

Luz: Keep your eyes on the gem

Kirby: What about that room? (Sees the sign saying "Rare Secret")

Willow and Luz: Yeah, maybe

*The three went inside, as they close the door behind them. Suddenly, a spotlight goes on*

Willow: (Rushes over it to see the gem) Guys! This is it!

Luz: Woah!

Kirby: Holy tomato-sticks!

Willow: The rarest gem in the boiling isles!

Luz: That's history! (Takes a picture)

Kirby: I think we should (Attempts to grab it, but the alarm goes off, as a monster pops out) OR NOT!

Willow: The Geger!

Kirby: What?

Willow: Geger. Half gem. Half tiger.

Luz: Okay, that is messed up. But run!

*The three rushed off, with the Geger chasing them*

Principal Bump: What's going on here?!

Amity: Look! There they are!

Principal Bump: What's going on- (Geger attacks him) Ahh! You ruthless piece of slope!

Kirby: Okay then...(Sucks up a sword, and transforms into sword Kirby)

Luz: Alright! Go Sword Kirby!

Willow: Woah...

Amity: Wait, what?

Kirby: Come and get me you piece of scum!

*Geger tackles Kirby, but it dodges it*

Kirby: Take this! (Does a slash attack) And this! (Does a double slash attack)

*The Geger suddenly, attacks Kirby, causing him to drop his sword*

Kirby: HUH?!

Luz: Ahh! Kirby is in trouble here!

Willow: (Casts plant magic, tying up the monster) Now!

Luz: Right! Kirby!

Kirby: Huh?

Luz: (Draws the ice glyph) Here! (Tosses the paper at Kirby)

Kirby: That's odd...(The glyph conjures up an ice pillar) WOAH! (Jumps through the monster, grabbing his sword) Okay! Now! Let's go! (Does a slash attack and defeats Geger) And that's that.

Luz and Willow: Yes! Way to go Kirby! (Hugs Kirby)

Kirby: Aww...thank you guys

Amity: Well almost!

Kirby: Huh?

Amity: I just told Principal Bump, and you guys are gonna get it this time!

Principal: Well in any case. I thought I banned you little pink ball!

Kirby: Willow just made me!

Willow: It was a mistake!

Principal Bump: Well, it was! But...since, you three did get to see the gem, I just want to say...Kirby, I think maybe because of your...sword thingy...your ban has been lifted.

Kirby: (Gasps and smiles)

Principal Bump: Now, if you excused me. I'm out (Walks out)

Amity: If I have my eyes on you three (Walks out)

Willow: Uh-oh. I think Amity is onto us again...

*The three walk out.*


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