Ch. 1 Ep. 2: Nothing Is More Than Magic

Ch. 1 Ep. 2: Nothing Is More Than Magic cross over stories

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Luz takes Kirby to Hexside Academy!

Ch. 1 Ep. 2: Nothing Is More Than Magic

*When Kirby wakes up, he discovers Luz casting light magic*

Kirby: Woah...

Luz: Morning Kirby! Glad you see that I'm doing magic!

Kirby: Magic? Woah!

Luz: Yes! And I also ues these spells to defeat monsters!

Kirby: Really?

Luz: Yep! And best of all! I'm in magic school!

Kirby: Magic school?

Luz: Of course, want me to show you the whole school?

Kirby: Yes please!

Luz: Okay, then let's go!

*Luz and Kirby barged the door open*

Hooty: OW! Hey, watch it doofus! Hoot. Hoot. (Closes by himself)

*The two arrived at Hexside*

Luz: Welcome to Hexside school!

Kirby: Woah!

Luz: This is where I go. My friends also go here too

Kirby: Really? Can I see inside?

Luz: Sure! (Steps inside with Kirby) Welcome to...Hexside!

Kirby: Woah!

Luz: Pretty nice isn't it?

Kirby: Yes!

Luz: Let's go see my friends, I bet they're waiting for me

*The two enter the plant homeroom, where they meet up with Willow and Gus*

Willow: Hey Luz

Luz: Hey buddies! Meet my new friend!

Kirby: Hi

Willow: (Squeals with cuteness. Hugs Kirby tightly)

Gus: It'!

Willow: Hey cutie, who are you?

Kirby: I'm Kirby. A star warrior

Gus: A star warrior? What's that?

Kirby: I'm a hero, usually

Willow: Wow.

*The school bell rings*

Gus: I gotta get to class. See you at lunch (Heads off)

Luz: Me and Willow have plant class to do. I'll see you at lunch

Kirby: Okay Luz. See ya (Walks off)

Principal Bump (Spying on Kirby) Hmm...very interesting...

*Kirby explores around Hexside, until Principal Bump catches him. When the school bell rang, the three head to lunch*

Gus: Say, where's Kirby? He's suppose to be here

Luz: Gee. I don't really know. He was suppose to stay outside the plant room

Principal Bump: (Barges inside) Good afternnon, students

Willow: Principal Bump?! What are you doing here?

Principal Bump: Do you know this? (Kirby is tied up)

Luz: Kirby?!

Kirby: (Mumbling) Luz! Save me!

Principal Bump: I'm taking this little punk, to detention...

Luz: Stop it!

Principal Bump: I'm gonna make this thing a great price, we'll see about that

Gus: Not so fast! (Cast a spell to make the tables float) Run!

*Willow, Luz, and Kirby run away*

Principal Bump: Not so fast! (Casts a spell and puts the school on lockdown)

Willow: Bump sealed us in, just like last time

Kirby: Sorry Luz, I got so caught up, that I just want to explore around Hexside

Luz: Nonsense. Principal Bump doesn't know what he's talking about

Kirby: You're right. But we gotta find a way to escape

Willow: Okay, here goes (Casts plant magic and breaks the doors open) Now go!

*Luz and Kirby tried to run to the exit, but Principal Bump blocks them*

Principal Bump: Not so fast! Come here now!

Luz: Wah! (Rushes over and draws the light glyph big enough to make Principal Bump blind)

Principal Bump: Ahh! (Covers his eyes)

Luz: Get out of here!

Kirby: But, I can't leave you here!

Luz: Don't get into detention! But go! Now!

*Kirby rushes over to the exit and escapes. Kirby rushes back to the Owl House*

Kirby: Eda!

Eda: Kirby? What are you doing here?

Kirby: I went to the magic school with Luz, and then...ugh, it's a long story!

Luz: Kirby! (Hugs Kirby)

Willow and Gus: Luz! (Hugs the two)

Willow: Are you okay Kirby?

Kirby: Yes, I'm okay. But wait, how about bumpy?

Luz: Last we saw, he wants to have a do-over for work

Kirby: Well, I can't wait what action will be like, next time I sneak in.

Luz: Umm, about that. You're kinda. Sorta...possibly (Pulls out a filer with Kirby, with the banned logo) Banned

King: That's my bud!

Gus: But we can come here, and show you what we learned

Kirby: That's alright. I already have a friends. You guys

Luz, Willow, and Gus: Aww...thanks Kirby

Eda: Such kids

*Meanwhile, as Luz drifts to sleep. Kirby takes out his treasure chest and opens it. But all of a sudden, it shows nothing, but a gray symbol, resembling an ore*

Kirby: Looks like I'm gonna be here for a while (Drifts to sleep)


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