When should life end?

          When should life end? depressed stories
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fierceblossom Just a person, trying to write
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This is a bit of a sad/pessimistic story. It's not completely my life, but I have thought this way before.

When should life end?

Does this sound weird?

My life has been good so far,

maybe even great.

I've laughed

I've cried

I've made friends

But most importantly

I've enjoyed


Isn't this enough allready?

Why should I keep going on?

I was happy, my life has been "full-filled"

my life won't be significant enough to change the future of a whole generation

and I trust that there are better people suited for that task

I trust humanity, it will solve itself

I am happy

So why am I unable to publicly say I've had enough

My teenage years have been great, but I don't have the motivation to work for 40 years

I'm not pessimistic

I'm just ready to move on

By FierceBlossom

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