The Pyramid Game: The New Students
The Pyramid Game: The New Students the pyramid game stories

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The Pyramid Game: The New Students

The classroom was buzzing with chatter. 2 girls were awkwardly looking around. As soon as the bell rang the teacher came in and everyone went back to their seats. "Okay" the teacher said without looking up from his book,"Today we 2 new students."

"Girls please come up and introduce yourselves" The 2 girls came in front of the class and the first one started to speak. " Hi my name is Milly Jelly Gray, and I'm really glad to be here" she said with a smile on her face

The other one spoke " Hi, My name is Melody Jake and I hope we have a good school year. They both went back to their seats. "Remember welcome them to our classroom" the teacher said. After a few hours it was break time and instantly the classroom became noisy again.

Milly stoop up and tried to talk to a girl in beautiful brown hair. "Hi, what's your name?" said Milly "My name is Melany Ariti" replied Melany while looking at her. She knew Milly would be a good friend. Meanwhile Melody was sitting at her seat.

Her black eyes were darting back and forth to see if anyone was approaching her. Suddenly a girl approached her. "Hey, my name Kirabella Lee, and you look like you need someone to talk with" said Kirabella with a mischievous smile. " Oh yeah hey, nice to meet you"said Melody

"Hmm want me to introduce everyo- "Heyyy, Kirabella what are you doing!"squealed Melany "Ugh I was introducing everyone to the transfer student" said Kirabella with a frown "Oh well you could also say to my new friend, Milly," she said while hugging her arm.

"Ok, sure, you see the one with the multi coloured hair, ya his name is Seoka, and that one is Ray, she's real good at sp- "Hello, What are you guys doing?" said a girl with green eyes "I'm introducing our class mates, and everyone stop interrupting me" said Kirabella, obviously annoyed.

"Ok I'll help, My name's Ray btw, and you see the one sleeping, her name is Liz and she's my best friend!" "No one asked for help but there you are," said Melany while raising her eyebrows "Anyways you don't want to get close with Ryan over there, he's a bit hot -headed." said Ray ignoring what melany said.

Milly looked at a girl with long brown hair. "Oh that's Marty, she has a... pet goat." said Kirabella " And those 2 over there are Fred and Ash, they're best friends," said Melany pointing to the right " Also stay away from that boy, his name is Six and you don't wanna be friends with him,"

said Ray uneasily " He's kind of weird." "Also that other guy is Starr, and he's pretty cute" said Melany Kirabella introduced more classmates when the bell finally rang. The teacher came in and said " Ok settle down now, get ready for the popularity poll!...

Hey guys sorry i posted so late and I'll update this every Thursday. Hope you guys like it and be sure to leave a comment about how you felt!

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