The Pyramid Game: Popularity Poll
The Pyramid Game: Popularity Poll the pyramid game stories

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The Pyramid Game: Popularity Poll

"Let's get ready for the Popularity Poll!," then the teacher looked over to the new students, " First let me explain to the new students." " The popularity poll is when you vote for people who you think are best at this class, The highest rank is the A rank, then B, then C, then D, and the the lowest one is the F rank."

" So first download the app and then we'll start." said the teacher Milly and Melody downloaded the app, if they didn't that would be an automatic F rank. "Ok! Now start." The students started voting. The class was dead silent.

*After 10 min* The popularity poll ended and these were final results: The A rank went to.... Bailey Chard and Harry Chard, the twins. Milly and Melody weren't surprised, they were literally perfect. Most of the class was B and C ranks.

A few were D ranks and the F ranks were: Six and Lara... The 2 remained silent as they probably were expecting this. Milly was glad she didn't approach Lara. Melody was glad but confused about what was happening.

"Hey, what's the point in the popularity poll" said Melody to Kirabella. Ray piped in as she overheard what Melody said " It's to know our ranks!" " To see which one's better, to see who's the top" said Kirabella shooting Ray a dirty look.

" Ok... but um what about the F ranks?" said Melody uneasily "Well they're F ranks they're not worthy of talking to us" said Ray without hesitating "So what happens to them?" questioned Melody Kirabella quickly answered before Ray, " Just see..." said with a slight giggle

Melody went back to her seat. Milly came over and asked " What were you guys talking about?" "Oh! Um about the F ranks" replied Melody looking at the floor "Oh... Melany said I shoudn't talk to them, but I mean I'm scared, like what type of school is this?"

Melody didn't answer, she was having the same thoughts as her. CRASH Six just crashed on the floor. Lara just stood there crying, she didn't even help Six. No one did.

Ryan brushed his hands. "Next time watch were you're going, or you're dead meat!" hollered Ryan. Six looked down saying nothing. His lip was bleeding. Lara was sobbing really loudly. "Oh please stop will you!" said Ash, " The teacher is coming"

Everyone went back to their seats. Today Milly and Melody witnessed what happens to a F ranker, and they did not want to be int heir spot. The teacher came in and class started as if nothing happened. What is up with this school or this Class?

Hey! hope you liked it and the A rankers (the twins) and the F ranker ( Lara) are just made up by me! Be sure to comment what you thought and see you again with this next Thursday!

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