The Pyramid Game : The Confusion
The Pyramid Game : The Confusion the pyramid game stories

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The Pyramid Game : The Confusion

Milly and Melody were frozen and didn't speak all day. Melany frustrated of Milly, she confronted her. "Hey!! What's wrong, something bothering you?" "N-no, everything's good" said Milly, she was obviously lying "Ugh, is it because of what happened today?" said Melany with an eye roll

Suddenly her tone went low and was more intimidating. "Cause if it is, go hang out with them, I don't care, but know this if you come crawling back to me you have no chance" said Melany, this wasn't like her, " I'm the reason you're a C rank, got it" Class took ages to finish, finally the bell rang.

Milly rushed as quickly as she could, she didn't want to talk to Melany. She was walking and saw Six. She wanted to talk to him but she couldn't. After a while she realized they were heading the same way, so she caught up with him. " H-hey" stuttered Milly

She was glancing back and forth. "You ok?" asked Milly " Why" "Huh? Milly was confused. " Why are you talking to me" siad Six raising his voice a bit more

*Meanwhile* Seoka walked over towards Ash. "Hey, how are the new kids so popular already?" asked Seoka "I don't know, but they have guts to talk to Melany over there" replied Ash "What are you losers up too?"

The voice came from behind. It was Ryan. "N-nothing, nothing important" replied Seoka speaking for the both of them "K.. have you seen that loser?" "Who Six?" Ash now speaking "Ya, that loser got F rank again"

" Oh he left already" "O- "WAIT A SECOND!!" yelled Ash, her wide eyed "What happened?" Seoka was surprised by her yelling "Didn't Milly walk with him, I saw those two walk together???"

" What? We shouldn't tell Mel, they're really close and it would mess things up" said Seoka "No, no... this is getting good"said Ryan, Seoka and Ash almost forgot about him being there. *Meanwhile* Fred walked over to Liz's desk.

He had a huge crush on her and couldn't stop twitching. " Hey, c-can I have my p-pencil back?" asked Fred, he was nervous "Hmm, oh yeah, sure" said Liz while giving him his pencil. Fred started, "Hey are you free this we-

Suddenly both of them overheard Ash say that Milly talked to Six. Both of them wide eyed. They looked at each other and had the same thought. " We have to tell Mel!!" said both of them in together

Sorry sorry sorry forgot to post this, my bad, btw question do guys want me to post this 2 days a week? or is this enough And also can people join my sim, I need like 2 people that's it. Thanks and love you all!!

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