Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 5
Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 5

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Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 5

*Warning*: Really long...sorry :P

Seth started to run too once he saw the girl run away. By the time he reached the school grounds everyone was inside the main hall. He quickly went inside and found a seat, everyone was so loud. Headmaster Grimm (Sorry) started to speak,

"Welcome students to Harvington High ( tons of credit to @notanauthor for this name)!" Everyone started to cheer, the older kids had a smug look on their faces Seth was bored, he didn't want to come to this school... he didn't want to follow his dad'story

Before we get into you your groups, I would like to go over the rules. The new kids looked confused, what groups? "*Ahem* Quiet down everyone!" said the headmaster as he started to recite the rules

Students still were whispering. "I hope we stay in the same group!" whispered Soph "Yup hopefully!" muttered Scar After their little argument the girls made up quickly. "But we have to wait and find out what the groups even mean" whispered Scar

The headmaster quickly read over the rules and then he cleared his throat. "Ok as you know we didn't tell you what "groups" is," the Headmaster said, " It is your tribe, the place where you belong, where you are into" Everyone started to murmur again, the tension level was high

"There are 5 groups, the royals, the rebels, the fairies, the agents, and the achievers" he announced Now the hall was loud everyone was so confused, little did they know. "We base your group of your guardians" said the Headmaster

One by one everyone was called to the front and they were announced on what their groups were. Some were happy, some were sad, and some...well they didn't care. After that ended the headmaster started to say something.

" Also this year, we have changed something, we will choose your class for you" Everyone started to groan, well all the older kids started to groan, they like it when they choose a class THEY like. "We will end this now, get your room keys by Professor Yaga" said the headmaster ending it now

Layla sat on her chair even though it ended. "Hey what's wrong?" asked Faron "Why...why did I get the rebels?" asked Lay with confused look "I mean I don - Lay cut him off

"No like is rebel suppose to be bad or something?" "I don- Lay cut him off AGAIN "I mean my dad wasn't bad besides some stealing right" "If yo- Faron was cut of again

"You know what. I need some time alone, meet you at lunch.." said Lay as she rushed to get her key "La- "Look don't worry about her, we have to go now, c'mon" said Felicity butting in "Sure" Faron sighed

While Layla was rushing to her room, she bumped into Lily. "I'm...sorry" said Lily quietly, the girl didn't even say anything Lily had been thinking about what Jess said, and now she thought, silly crushes aren't important right?

While she was thinking she accidentally bumped into someone. As she dusted her self off she looked to who she bumped into Her face turned into a tomato when she saw who it was "U-uh sorry..." she said wide - eyed

The boy mumbled something saying it's fine After he went, she realized that it was NOT a silly crush She decided that she didn't care if she just saw him, she had a crush on The march hare's son Suddenly she got hyper, not in a good way since she still doesn't know his name!

Lea was confused into getting into the royals went to Headmaster Grimm for more questions. Suddenly she saw Lily and the white hared boy bump together. She chuckled quietly and was almost there until she tripped on someone.

His face was plain and he didn't even say anything when she fell. "Uhh...sorry? Wait a second...watch were you keep your legs first!!" said Lea, her eyebrows knitted together "Oops" said the boy and he went without caring what she might say

Jessie came over and saw Lea on the floor. "Why are you sitting on the floor?" she asked "I'm not sitting....I tripped" said Lea with exasperated sigh "Oh well c'mon I got our keys, and lucky for us we're in the same room" said Jess

"Yes..2 more girls!" squealed Jess, "More friends!!" "Yes let's go and check it out!" said Lea They went to their room and found a girl with purple hair already sitting on a top bunk. "Uh hey?" said the girl

"Hello what's your name?" said Lea "My name is Sirius Ursula" answered Sirius "Oh you're the sea witch's daughter" said Lea with a tight smile "Well I'm Jessie Belle, and my sister is Lealah Belle!" Jess butted in

"Aren't there supposed to be 4 girls?" said Sirius looking around "Oh ya who i- Before Jess could finish her sentence someone opened the door The girl with her green eyes looked at the 3 girls

"HII!" squealed Jess "Hey..everyone" answered the girl "Who're you?" asked Sirius "I'm Eva, Eva Maleficent" said Eva "That's nice, um come in I guess" said Lea as she was getting afar from the witch

"You look like a mess" blurted Sirius, everyone looked at her " Sorry but you do!" said Sirius "Uhh...just woke up late" said Eva while looking down The real reason was because it had gotten so awkward with Dennis she had to use other exits to find her room.

Eva wondered what Dennis was actually doing .... Dennis was finding every where for Eva, she just disappeared. Giving up he went to his room. When he went inside he saw 2 other guys talking to each other

Well more like one person was talking and the other one was bored. "Hey!" said Dennis, hoping somebody could see him "Oh hello, let me introduce myself, I am Faron Charming!" said the blonde boy "Oh I'm Dennis Fairy" said Dennis

The other boy didn't respond, he looked at Dennis for a while and then sighed "Fine my name is Seth...Allerleirauh" said Seth "His last name is really confusing" whispered Faron to Dennis "I HEARD THAT!" yelled an annoyed Seth

"Is there only 3 people?" asked Dennis "No, one more should be coming" answered Faron Suddenly the door burst opened and a boy with white hair came in. "Hello, I'm Xavier Hare" said Xavier without saying anything else

And then he started to mumble he was late. "Oh don't worry, carry on, just an old habit" said Xavier "Ok..." said Seth as he was opening his bag Then everything was quiet from that.

... Scar and Soph laughing and talking until they approached their room. They saw 2 girls fighting over who got the bed beside the window. "Hold on!" yelled Scar over them

"It's only fair if me or my sister gets the bed, since you can't decide who gets it!" "Wa-" started the girl with blue eyes "YES! It's only fair!"said the other girl "Fine...by the way I'm Lily Snow" said Lily

"I'm Layla Hook!" said Layla "Oh I'm Scarletta Wolf and this is my sister, Sophronia Wolf" said Scar "Hii" butted Soph "Woah cool swords!" said Lay "Thanks! I like yours too" said Scar

While the 2 girls bonded over swords, it left Lily and Soph "Hey..um cool bracelet" said Soph pointing at her weird bracelet "It was made of ice, it melted a little and this is the result.."said Lily Suddenly the speaker began to speak

"ALL STUDENTS PLEASE COME FOR DINNER NOW!" Soph covered her ears, she'll have to get use to it. Everyone was rushing to the hall for dinner, they all seemed hungry TO BE CONTINUED ~

Hope you all like that, sorry if it was long Anyways... Love you all my Comarons!!

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