Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 4
Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 4 once upon a fairy tale stories

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This is where all the relationships began ~

Once Upon A Fairy tale: Part 4

"Wait why are you walking with me?" asked Seth, already annoyed by her "No why are you walking the same way as I am?" asked Sirius, " Are plotting something?" "What? No, I assume you're going to school too" sighed Seth

"Well..Duh! Or I wouldn't be on land!" said Sirius rolling her eyes. "What?" said a confused Seth "Ugh, nothing, well since I don't want to be caught dead walking with you, I'm gonna go" said as she ran without saying bye "Welp, at least she's gone! But I'm late..." said Seth to himself

*Meanwhile* " So do you think I'll get a boyfriend?" asked Soph "Hmm not sure, anyways fill out the form" replied Scar handing some papers to Soph "Wait...really..." said Soph as she scribbling down something on the paper, her expression was a bit down now

"Ohh I was kidding! And what are you writing" said Scar cheerfully and then looked down on her sheet "Words." said an angry Soph, though the way she said it made Scar laugh She just met her sister after years, she didn't want some random person taking her

Soph ignored her laugh as she was busy doing something else. "What are you doing?" said Scar looking at her suspiciously "OH! You see that blondie over there" said Soph pointing to girl who was talking to 2 people "Ya whyyy?" said Scar squinting, Soph's expression had completely changed!

"Well she's....Felicity Charming!!!" said Soph dreamily "You like her...???" said Scar with a disgusted face "Welll...IDK!!!" squealed Soph, she was blushing hard "Well I don't like her" said Scar bluntly to Soph

*Meanwhile* "I was meaning to ask you, why did you scream when I asked for your flavor?" asked Eva, " Are you scared of me?" "Me? Scared of you? Pfff! Of course not" said Dennis uneasily "Uhuh...ok" said Eva, still suspicious

They both entered the school hall and were wowed. "It's soo pretty!!" exclaimed Eva Dennis looking at her said," Yeah...", he was starting to blush Eva blushed back, " Anyways where are ours seats?"

"Oh t-t here, I think" said Dennis It was getting awkward, no one had a thing to say anymore. Then both of them heard laughing behind, someone had to shush them since they were too loud.

*Meanwhile* Layla and Faron were laughing at some joke Faron made. Layla was glad she met Faron or she should've started school in a grumpy state. They sat down on their seats. "Do you want to meet my sister?" asked Faron

"You have a sister?" said Layla, shocked "Well ya, she's over there" said Faron, pointing at a girl with long blonde hair like him "Then I want to meet her!!" exclaimed Layla, "Lets go!" "Haha sure!" said Faron with a soft smile

"Faron!" sqealed Felicity, there pretty near "Hi!" said Layla waving to her "Faron who's this?" asked Felicity "Felicity, this is Layla, and Lay, this is Felicity, my sister" said Faron "Hello" said Felicity shooting a death stare to Layla

*Meanwhile* The three reached the school and were inside the hall, they were talking about something and suddenly Lily's eyes caught something He was was alone at the corner and was minding his own buisness.

"Guys look!" said Lily tapping on their arm "Look what?" asked Jess "That boy! Who is he? He's soo cute" exclaimes Lily "Oh! I think he's the March hare's son!" said Lea "Really!!" said Lily dreamily

"Oh come on! You just see him and you're like...he's the BoY yOu LiKe" said Jess irritated "Hey that's mean!" said Lea as she elbowed her to the stomach "Ya you're right...I should say hi to him first!" said Lily all excited

"Wait I don't think that's what she meant.." said Lea "So I shouln't say hi..." said Lily her face drooping "N-no you should!" said Lea "Okay! Let's go" said Lily dragging her by her wrist "W-wait, why am I coming?!" said Lea wide eyed

"Cause you are my friend...I think" said Lily "Hah...sure why not and if he has friends, tell him to introduce them" said Lea with a smile Suddenly the headmaster began to speak,"Welcome students to.... TO BE CONTINUED ~

*Not me putting random characters here* I hope you guys enjoyed it,, sorry I haven't posted this for a while!! Anyways... Love you all!!!

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