Once Upon A Fairy tale: Chapter 1
Once Upon A Fairy tale: Chapter 1 once upon a fairy tale stories

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Sooooooo many pages... but I had fun should I still!!

Once Upon A Fairy tale: Chapter 1

Soph came down excitedly down the stairs, today was the first day of school! "Hey mom, hey dad as she kissed her dad's cheek while stuffing her books in her bag, "What's the hurry?" asked the wolf, or soph's dad "Don't you know its the first day of school!!" replied Soph as she scoffed down her breakfast

"Haha yes, yes, cause some trouble and write me a letter about it" said the wolf while he was eating raw meat "Sure....dad"said Soph uneasily, "Oh and maybe I'll get to see Scar!" "Who's that..." huffed the wolf, he didn't like to hear her name

*Meanwhile* "I can't wait to meet Soph!!" thought Scar " It's been too long!" "Hey, what are you packing for, are we going on a new adventure?" asked the boy behind her "Oh I haven't told you josh.. well I'm going back to school" replied Scar

"Wait...WHAT?!" Josh was either in shock or mad. "Ohh don't worry I'm not dumping you" Scar chuckled a bit, " I'm going to see Soph!" "Oh..." said Josh Scar was worried, she didn't want him to be upset. "Well...

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, HURRY UP!!!" yelled josh, he seemed excited but not as much in Scar was. "Thankyouthankyouthakyou" going in for a kiss. "Wait are you really taking your swords...?" asked josh pointng to her large collection "They're a necessity" replied Scar all high and mighty

*Meanwhile* "Jesss!! Come on down for breakfast, you sleepyhead!!" yelled Lea from down the stairs. She was already done and was now putting on some nice clothes, it was the first day.

"Hmmm... gijgfjjdisij" Jessie was half awake. WAIT A SECOND, WHAT TIME IS IT???? squealed Jess, "Ohnoohno, I'm going to be late" "Princess, would you like us to go bring some clothes for you" asked the maid "Yes, but please call me Jess!" said Jess

"Mary, did Jess wake up?" asked Lea to the maid "Yes. your majesty, she'll be coming down in a few moments" replied the maid "By the way, is dad coming?" asked Lea "No your majesty,,, he said he's busy, but I'm sure he'll greet you later," replied the maid

"Oh ok well we're off to school!", said Lea looking down, "Well after that sleepyhead comes down" "I'm coming, coming," as Jess came down dashing through the stairs. "Finally let's go, goodbye Mary" said Lea "Bye Maryyy" said Jess

*Meanwhile* The fairy godmother was hustling and bustling all over, and Dennis was a bit annoyed. "Mom, stop I'm not late" chuckles Dennis "Not late...Dennis you need to be 5 min early at least and well you're 5 min late now" said the fairy, she was going mad

" Mom calm down, I don't need an epipen, I don't have any allergies, besides I should be going now" said Dennis calmly " Bu- "Bye mom, love you" said Dennis as he gave her a kiss

"Meanwhile" Eva was looking back and forth, the fairies were always such in such a bustle that it's impossible to keep up with them Eva chuckles to her herself, and thought that Dennis could relate She was excited to see him

Guys! I'm going now!!" Called Eva "Ooh good luck, here a necklace of luck, it'll keep all the bad things away" said the littlest fairy As Eva was putting on the necklace the oldest fairy stopped her.

"Eva remember not to let your wings out" ordered the fairy "Yes I remember, well I should get going, goodbye everyone!" said Eva "Bye Eva!!!" said all the fairies in union Eva walked out the forest while waving to them

*Meanwhile* Seth walked out of the castle as quickly as he could, He didn't want to come to school to but it was the only escape from his dad Suddenly he saw some men smoking by the tower of logs, He quickly passed them and don't look back

One of the man gave him a dirty look and he just cursed him under his breath He didn't anyone to meet at the school so he was kind of depressed in a way Suddenly he saw a girl with purple hair emerge out of the water with a school bag?

*Meanwhile* Sirius was overly excited, not only was she going to school but walk! Yes, walk! She was just as excited as the little mermaid was to get legs ( she didn't have to make a deal) except she didn't die "Mooooooooom!! Hurry up, I want legs!!" yelled Sirius

" Yes darling coming, now I know you're excited but be sure to make some deals on the first day ok" said Ursula as she was brewing the spell "You don't have to say it, I'm already gonna do it with or without your permission" said Sirius That's my girl, now go on drink it" said Ursula giving a vial

Sirius took it and and went to land, then took a big full of it and then magically legs appeared As she prepared she bought a skirt with her Then suddenly she saw a boy. She chucked and thought "Finally my first victim" She started to walk towards him

*Meanwhile* "So dad where are we going next!" asked Layla "Not 'we' my dear but you, surprise you're going to school!" replied Captain Hook "Oh... OH! Finally I'm going to school!" said Layla "I knew you'd be happy" said the captain

"Well I should better start preparing" as she grabbed a bag "You shall have the world's greatest adventure... SCHOOL!" said the captain as he gave her some books "I know I'm excited!" said Layla "Haha.. Well have fun and make some new friends... or foes" said the captain

"Bye dad" said Layla as she was hugging her dad "BYE EVERYONE!" yelled Layla to everyone on the ship "BYE LAY" the men roared, they liked the girl

*Meanwhile* As Lily stepped on the hard stone he wondered how different the ice castle and well... the other world She wasn't getting used to the sun and her ice bracelet was melting off. She wished there was a school in the snow world

She also tried tiny ice sculptures but they didn't stay the way she wanted Stupid sun she thought, why are you there Well at least she going to experience the real world now and she has to step out of her comfort zone. To be continued ~

Hope you guys like I think I added everyone in if not tell me Also tell me how was it and if you want something to change just dm me! Also changed the title all thanks to @notanauthor!! Thanks!! Love you all!!!

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