Far Above the Clouds ( part 2)
Far Above the Clouds ( part 2) fairies stories

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Read part one first :)

Far Above the Clouds ( part 2)

Jacob came walking in and sat down on a chair where Kyle had his bag on. The headmistress spoke" Welcome, and today we are here for the ceremony. Today we're going to know which each and one of these student's element is, before we start the the ceremony I would like to go over the rules "

As the headmistress was reviewing the rules Val whispered to Kyle " Only few people came to the ceremony?" Kyle shrugged and replied" Don't know there weren't many in middle school." "Now let the ceremony begin!" said the headmistress.

" All you have to do is touch the stone and you will get your wings and your element. I will read out the names one by one." Val's hands were all sweaty, Isabelle rocking her seat back and forth, Jacob was taking deep breaths, all other students were looking nervous too like they could puke any minute now.

All except Kyle for some reason he was calm, and he is never calm. The headmistress called out "Amira ahmed please come here and touch the stone." She grazed the stone thinking it might hurt her and suddenly her eyes glowed. Suddenly wings sprouted behind her back.

" And your element is Stars! Congratulations! " said the headmistress with a gentle smile. Amira started to touch her wings, as she was walking back to her seat. " Next is Brody Callet please come up her and touch the stone." This was going to take a while.

More and more names were called. Until finally the headmistress spoke a familiar name. " Isabelle Perez, please come here and touch the stone." Isabelle touched the stone with a confident look and her eyes glowed gold. Wings sprouted behind her back.

"Your element is.... Music!" Thank you darling you may take a seat." Next up was Jacob; he had gotten time, after that was Kyle; he had gotten fire ( pretty obvious). After two more students Val's name came up.

As she touched the stone something very odd happened. The her eyes and the rock started to glow to blind a human being. The headmistress pulled her away. " That's enough I know what your element is," her breath was shaky

Val looked confused, she didn't realize what just happened, and with all the scared looks it didn't help her. " Nelly must have tilted the stone" said the headmistress while the child looked really guilty. "Anyways your element is....

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