My "perfect" family
My "perfect" family scary stories

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Don't question why they didn't put some sense into her

My "perfect" family

Dear Diary, Today when I woke up I could smell the delicious aura of blueberry pancakes! I came down and sat at the tables. Mom was flipping the pancakes while a tear came out of her eye. She was choking back her sobs.

Yesterday she made porridge so she broke a rule. As punishment another one of her fingers was cut off. Dad sat by me while reading the news paper and drinking his black coffee. I could see he had trouble lifting his mug up

About a week ago I had to sever some of the tendons in right arm. After I caught him trying to call someone on the cellphone. He always needed to ask permission to call and I need to be present to every one of his calls. He knew the rules but he broke them anyways

Well he got what he deserved and expect him to never do it again or else he won't have a right arm. My brother came down to play with his toys. I could tell he was choking back mummified sobs. But he was doing a better job job than mom.

Unfortunately my brother attempted to escape the house last week. He broke a very major rule by doing so. As punishment I glued inch long nails on his toys. He was required to play with them but he didn't enjoy it now.

I hope they were beginning to adjust to their "perfect" life After all this is a " perfect" family, my "perfect" family. Anyways I'll write later after spending time with my "perfect" family. Love Sophia.

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