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It's missed your chance...sorry

LoveStars (New Sim)

Yay so another sim...and yes I'm done with all my school work, though it's STILL on.. Anyways LoveStars is a sim based off my dream I had last night So it's about these celebrities (not real) or/and influenceurs

So they all go up to this mansion where they will be there depending on the people So the people here have very different personalities* And all of them have to find the right partner, And if that sounds lame (sorry) they can date whoever they want, no matter their gender

These stars are going to through a lot of drama, hate, sorrow, and most importantly love So if you want to be in this just fill out the form...BUT! There's a condition in order be in this It's there...

*Personalities!!! You will not be able to choose their personality I will make them up and you have to fill your form based on the personality Sorry if you don't like this plan but I've noticed if I don't get the right personalities the sim doesn't rlly work out

Also before I list the personalities (that is if you want to join) I'll like to say that my sim - "Catch me if you can" is cancelled It's too much plus I can't write good horror stories Here are the personalities-

Also keep in mind they are numbers because they have not given a name... When you fill out the form there will be an option to choose on what personality you want to choose Also keep in mind if you don't like something about your personality there's nothing I can do...sorry :P


1) You are shy but bright person, you don't like too much affection but like when people notice you, you're always optimistic and always help other people, Sometimes you're a bit gullible and sometimes you keep everything inside of you that everything burst later You'll flirt a bit but then have a real conversation with them You are also besties with personality no. 2


2) You're pretty outgoing and very quirky, you love to talk and you know how to get your way, you are also a masochist Your flirting skills are very high, you can get anyone by just a wink You look intimidating but is very sweet, you love standing up for your besties and you are very lazy yet look active You are also besties with no.1


3) You seem very mean and rude but is a huge teddy bear, you are very feisty though you do have a temper, you are also a tsundere, you can't flirt someone has to do it for you You love cuddling and always seem to be in a good mood (unless someone triggers you), you like listening to someone's problems and helping them, you also like drama You are besties with #5 & #7


4) You are very independent and though you seem very boring you love fun and adventures, you can flirt good enough You are very impulsive and likes to do things in a hurry, you always love cute stuff and your head is always in books Sometimes you take risks to far that you might die but always survive You are besties with #8


5) you seem innocent which you are but know things which normal people don't You are pretty wise and everyone looks up to you, you seem very popular but you have depression, though you never show it, it's very obvious You like when someone listens to you You always to know how to seduce people You're besties with #3 & #7


6) You are badass when it comes to everything, you are always no.1 and will fight for everything, you love to be in action and you are very atheltic You love pranks but flirting is the one thing you're bad at, you also love anyone that can relate to you, you are very relatable You are besties with #10 and #9


7) You are what they call lazy, though you are super helpful you always want to rest and you are partly vampire (because you hate the light) You love games and snacks, you are very lighthearted and can flirt unintentionally, you also are very strong and brave but don't show it You are besties with #3 & #5


8) You are very dependent, you always want someone to help you, though you seem weak you have this hidden talent to fill the person with rage so that they can burst Everyone loves you because how cute you are but you are very savage and evil inside (in a good way), you also twist someone's words You are besties with #4


9) You are a calm person,you always know how to keep your temper down, you always seem to love nature, and everyone feels relaxed next to you You never hesistate and stutter and know what you're going to say, you also have diabetes type 1 and sometimes fret over that You are besties with #6 & #10


10) You're one hyper person,you are very jumpy and love talking, you laugh at the most serious times and make jokes everyday Everyone loves your happiness but sometimes you get too annoying, you love family and friends and can't sit still You are friends with #6 & #9

Im going to have 10 people over at them mansion, and ofc I'll be in this sim too :D Anyways if you don't like any not my problem...again sorry Anyways here is the form pls sign up :DDDDDD

Name: Personality #?: Appearance: Occupation: Likes:(base it off your personality) Dislikes:(base it off your personality) How you became famous: Why did you accept coming here: (base if off you personality) Zodiac sign: (base if off your personality)

Anyways hope to see this filled quickly sorry for the twist, it just felt better, If you think you can make the personality better pls add only ONE thing, and no more Anyways... Love you all my Comarons!!

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