Guardians of Lore - S1 E5
Guardians of Lore - S1 E5 sim stories

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Ok so y'know how I love fight scenes, I just can't write them, I'll read them but then it's very bad when I write them

Guardians of Lore - S1 E5

Just a note that some topics here are not related to me, I respect all religions so please don't come at me for the thing that's coming It's just what I know and what I intend to keep it as

Cyrus Bloom

I was sleeping peacefully when suddenly I felt a hand was grazing my face The sudden I woke up, a huge lighting bolt hit her

"Tch...I just wanted to see the look what you've done..." Her fabric was burning and she looked irritated

"W-who are you?"

"You don't remember the person who you invited? Funny..."

I threw another bolt at her again but then suddenly she disappeared "Boo!" She was behind me and then again she was gone

I went outside and saw everyone out, the village was in ruins and every villager was trying to save their child

And then I saw Moonshot fighting 2 girls both with horns on their heads "What happened?!?"

"We...don't....know..ugh!" She was battling 2 girls but I don't what the rest were doing

"Where are the others??"

"Well Raven was fighting with me, but I don't where she -" She pulled a rush of water onto the 2 girls "August and...Venson are fighting 2 other people and the others the village"

Then suddenly the blue haired girl surround Moonshot with some type of dark air and then started choking her

I quickly zapped her so she could let go of Moonshot She fell down but snickered "Heh...that was nothing...." She took out her sword and came closer but then I electrified enough to not kill her

The other girl came to us but just grinned, she snapped her fingers but before she could do that Moonshot drowned with water She was breathing too loud and couldn't do anything

The two laid on the ground helplessly "C'mon let's go help the others"

I followed her lead and saw August and Venson fighting 2 others

"If you don't me asking...WHO THE FOLK ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!"

"Calm down...they said they were from the portal...can't believe they're coming out already"

"Oh...that's why that white haired girl said we invited her here"

"Hey guys little help here!!" He was blinding them both while Venson was wrapping them with roots

I quickly zapped the both, but the lighting only zapped one person as the other was not real

"Thought that might be in use" He then closed his eyes and then I suddenly felt like I couldn't move But then Venson choked him with the roots until he was unconsious

"How many are there??"

"Well there's two who are terrorizing the village, but we don't know about the 3rd one"

"C'mon hurry up! We need to help the others!"

We hurried back to the village, but one of them stopped and whispered something Then they suddenly just teleported out of there as they saw us

"Oh finally they're gone!"

"They're not gone, they just went somewhere else..."

"Hey where's Raven?"

*Meanwhile* "Ugh who are you?!"

"I'm simply called Kashimi or as people call me Shadow!"

"Why are you following only me?" Raven stepped back, thinking Kashimi was gonna fight her

"Well because I have this new interest in you, you see, I feel like we have this bond but I don't what to describe it like"

"I feel no connection towards you..."

"Well-" Suddenly she was interrupted by another person

"KASH! Let's go!"

"C'mon everyone's almost dead..."

"Well...see you next time Raven..."

"Ugh..." Raven dusted her pants and then went to look for the others

"Raven!" Suddenly we saw Raven running to us

"Where were you?"

"I don't know...some girl named Kashimi said I had a...connection???"

"But guys this is bad...very very bad...I thought it might take time until they come out of the portal but they're here..."

"It's fine...we can go through this...we just need to find the items fast as we can"

Suddenly the Oracle appeared and looked around "Well you guys had a blast didn't you!"

"You knew it was gonna happen"

"Well I can't help it..."

"So how do we fix this village?"

"You can't. You have no choice you have to find the items as fast as you could!"

"So how do we find the second item?"

"Well get ready! This time you have to find tears of angel, luckily you guys can survive way up there right?"

"Wait I thought it was like a human who was pure of heart or something..?"

"It's not always a metaphor plus angels rarely cry so good luck!"


"So is there a specific angel or like just any angel and how many tears?"

"Oh c'mon you guys didn't ask this many question in the first one"

"Well you're right we found the flower now we collect tears as well!"

"Yes exactly, now remain quiet as I teleport you there" After saying she snapped her fingers again and again we all teleported wayyyy up

The place Mandaris teleported us was beautiful, there were clear lakes and cherry blossoms everywhere, children were playing happily and all the elderly were talking out loud "So...this is heaven?"

"It's so amazing!"

"So let's go looking for an angel!"

*Meanwhile* " least they know we're here"

"Yes...but we didn't capture one of them..imagine the power inside them..we could use them for our benefit!" Both of them were fresh and cleaned after the fight

"Oh...I have someone in mind.."

"Kash don't tell me it's that girl?"

"Oh she's just perfect...I felt a connection with her, we need to capture her first!"

"Well let's capture her first and then we can slowly capture them one by one!"

"So what's next? I had fun scaring the people!"

"Well I feel like they're closing the portal!"

"Hmmm...well then they're searching the items!"

"And we just need to find them before they do!"

"So what are waiting for! Let's go find them!"

To Be Continued ~

Credits ~ ( it was @notexactlyhuman's idea, it's just to remember, thankfully I know them by heart now

Elya Tolen as.... @jadelyn

Raven as... @the_nitro_wolf

August Safari as... @skittlesboyo

Violet as... @notexactlyhuman

Cyrus Bloom as... @red_psychopath_

Eliott as... @elleseng

Moonshot as... @izzyb

Venson Timeus as... @thefallenfelina

Mandaris as... @inkdragon

Artemis as... @goldenphoenix

Kashimi Fao as... @baddiegirl

Alfred Frons as... @wiselog

Pheona as... @crystalwritez

Noah as... @glitchy_red

Ash as... @donnia

Celar as... @mr_invisible

Atlas Pompeii as... @brokeneyes

Ok so you probably read my update and was like this isn't friday.... Well...I was way too eager and made it a bit early so like yay but maybe I'll post one on friday too, we'll see Anyways... Love you all my Comarons!!

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