Guardians of Lore - S1 E4
Guardians of Lore - S1 E4 sim stories

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Idk why I think Elya thinks he's the leader but he's rlly offense tho..

Guardians of Lore - S1 E4

Ok before I start this just wanna say that they don't have weapons right now... So if a fight is going on...there won't be weapons, they'll be using magic I can't tell you why they will be using weapons cause it's a spoiler :P


It was only 1 hour till 9, and we had to go underground just because Elliott said so...

"Okay let's go then, we don't have much time plus going underground will be pretty hard"

Everyone agreed and we decided to go visit the underground tunnels,

When we reached the tunnels it was impossible to see, going to an underground tunnel at night isn't the best option

"Hey does someone have a torch or something?"

No one answered but August lit up his hand, not on fire but light, just pure light, It was enough for us too see "Better?" he asked while raising his eyebrows, I don't know if anybody noticed but his demeanor keeps on changing

"I personally liked the darkness..." Everyone just shook their head disagreeing with her

As we got closer we found a door, it wasn't a normal door, it had these letters encrusted in them They didn't make sense, there was no drawing just letters

"They don't make sense, do we push it?"

"'s not 9 yet"

"There are 2 minutes left!" I then realized how quickly time passes by

Then suddenly the door started to sparkle and then it opened

"What's with all the sparkly doors?"

Moonshot looked at him and then just shook her head Then she opened the door but before she did a huge snap came right at her She looked like she saw a ghost

"W-what was that?"

"It was a huge snake"

"Doesn't make it better..."

"Oh but it does...the woman from the temple said something about singing a song"

"I don't get it..."

Then suddenly Raven gasped "We sing a song to distract the snake!"

"Pfft- Wait really?! How could that work, it's a huge serpent.."

"I don't know we make it fall asleep?"

" we sing a lullaby?"

"Heh what like sing Hush little baby? It's a full grown serpent!!"

"Actually, it's a baby serpent...adults would be bigger"

"So...who's singing and who's getting the flower?"

"Ok Violet, Raven, August, Cyrus you guys distract the snake, and me and the others will try to get the flower!"

"Waaaait, why am I joining?"

"Because you know about the snake than most of us do here.."

Not gonna lie singing to a snake was harder than you think, When I first opened the door the snake was right there in front of me, It's pale green eyes were scared, yet scary

Raven stood up and started to say something but couldn't "Ughhh I can't someone sing!"

Then august started to sing, though his tune wasn't the best and the snake was trying to bite the four of us "Um hush little baby...ugh don't say a word"

"Sing better!"

"Guys keep on distracting it, we're kinda on a tough spot..." I looked at them and they were in a touch spot, the snake's venom was dripping and they were right on the verge to get poisoned

"Then you sing!"

"Fine..Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird!" The snake was still not easy to handle

"Oh forget it I'm going in!" Her hands were filled with darkness and she put them on the snake, choking it temporirlly "HURRY UP! And you all help me!"

I decided to step in, I don't know why the lady in the temple said about the song but fighting was our only option I freezed the snake so it wouldn't fiddle and but the ice kept breaking so I had to freeze it over and over again

"We're almost there guys keep up on whatever you're doing!"

"Oh well we tried" And started to spark the snake

"Oh remember not to kill it...if you kill it we won't get the flower"

"WHAT?!?" Raven snapped, "We're not supposed to kill it, so what we kill ourselves??"

"Uh calm down, August blind the snake, it won't be dead, and uh Cyrus stop zapping it might die!"

August started to blind the snake with the light And Cyrus stopped The snake was everywhere but the thing was ti couldn't see anymore

Suddenly Moonshot slipped and got bitten by a tiny snake "Ugh..." Still she looked fine...

"C'mon we're almost there!"

Eliott tried to reach for the flower but her arms weren't that long Then looked at Elya as if he could do it

"C'mon go get the flower, and don't break it."


He tried to reach it but just it was a millimetre away

"HURRY UP! We don't have all the time here!!" She wsn't choking the snake too hard but if Elya didn't do it faster it might die

"I'm trying!!!" Then suddenly he got a hold of the flower


Everyone cheered but then Raven said the thing we were all dreading "So how do we get out of here without getting killed?"

"It's RUN!!" The snake saw the glinting flower, the one Elya was holding It started to chase after us breaking everything The roof was falling and rocks were coming out of nowhere

OOh I like this new background

Everyone started to run, and then I thought of something "TELEPORT IDIOTS!!"

"Oh yeahhh....sometimes I forget I'm not human"

"Oh yeahhh....sometimes I forget I'm not human" (#relatable)

We all teleported out of there thinking what could have happened to the snake "Let me see the flower" Suddenly the oracle was right in front of our faces

"Ack! I thought you couldn't show humans your identity"

"Well I can't, I have another disguise put on me which only 8 of you can't see" Elya gave her the flower "It's beautiful isn't it But the thing was she was right, the flower was beautiful, it was made of pure glass that's why it couldn't bloom

"Anyways Moonshot show me your arm" With all the celebration everyone forgot that Moonshot got bitten

"Oh...sure" The oracle chanted something and then wrapped a cloth around her arm

"There you'll recover in no time" She smiled sweetly "Anyways I'm too tired and I know you are all too so go rest and I'll pop by tomorrow for the next item!"

"Thank you!" And then Mandaris left, we went to a hotel in which we could stay in for the night After all wha

And then Mandaris left, we went to a hotel in which we could stay in for the night After all what could go wrong in one night right...?


"Ahhh earth's air is just something...." said Alfred breathing in and out

Kashimi was on top of Artemis "Mhmm" she replied while looking at Artemis

" is not the time for a makeout session...!!"

"Tch..Alfred you always ruin the moment..." He gave Kashimi a grin and then came off her

"So this is EARTH!!!" Celar joined the crew a bit late so it was his first time seeing the world

"Omg it is right...!!" Pheono was taking deep breaths, it was her first time too

"So how do we sabotage!" Ash was already thinking how to destroy the earth

"We'll go ransack the nearby towns, Noah you'll be our lookout"

"Awww I'm always on lookout...fine"

"And the fun part is just tonight!"

"This is gonna be great!!"

"Be ready guardians, be ready for the end of humanity!!"

To Be Continued ~

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