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So this was a big one...anyways I'll make the villains ones bigger just a short intro of them before they destroy everything

Guardians of Lore - S1 E3

August Safari

After Mandaris said we had to go on a quest, Raven asked the obvious question

She chuckled, "This quest is not easy as you think Raven"

Raven blushed, Mandaris probably knew what we all were thinking, part of me thought it was creepy but who could judge a person who sees the future

"This quest conquests of having 5 items, together you could close the portal"

"I have a question..." Everyone looked at him "Why couldn't you close the portal....s-since YOU are a oracle?"

"Well I can only see the future....and the past! I have no other powers than that"

"So oracle...what are those 5 items?"

"Glad you asked...!" She stood up and walked over to a bookshelf, picked a book right in the middle and dusted it off

And when she opened the book An enchanting light came out of it, the light loomed over all of us, seducing us to listen Mandaris started to speak, but it wasn't her normal voice, it was deeper and much more ancient

"To complete this quest and close the portal you need to find the flower that never blooms, tears from an angel, the lullaby from netherworld, the treasure from the hated one, and the ring from underneath!"

"What? This all doesn't make sense..."

"Oh but it does and it's up to you to figure it out"

"Why can't you tell what it is, I mean you know everything right?"

"I can't say anything to you because it's my job not to!"

"Can you give us a place to start we really have no idea?"

"Well I can help you where to start but only you 8 can find these items"

"Yes we get that part, but what place?"

"Do you really go now?" She put on a pouting face "I mean at least have some tea with me!"

"You do realize that we have to go on a quest to close a portal which may or may not destroy humanity?" Everyone looked at her, everyone realized what they had gotten themselves into "I mean just saying...."

She rolled her eyes like knowing we were already gonna go "Alright, alright..." She snapped her fingers and we suddenly got teleported on top of a hill....

"Where the *folk are we???" He seemed a bit irritated " Oh no we're folking on top of a hill!!!"

"Where the *folk are we???" He seemed a bit irritated " Oh no we're folking on top of a hill!!!" *Just a cute censor I found somewhere :P

"I don't know...does someone know?"

"We're at the garden of flowers...."

"What?! Oh we'll find the flower that never blooms...."

"Maybe it's metaphorical? Like a human being..they could be the flower and they haven't seen their true self...?"

"That's way too deep, lets go look around, look at all the flowers and ask the people?"

"Ok! Raven, Venson, and Violet go take a look around the gardens!"

"Got it boss!"

"August, Cyrus, and Moonshot go ask people around for the flower!"

"Ok..." Welp speaking to people is easy

"And Elliott and I will go to the temple to look for answers"

"Wait...I'm coming with you?"

"Yes got a problem with that?"

" not really" She had a smirk on her face

" Ok everyone come back here at this very hill at evening!"

After that everyone went their separate ways, Me, Moonshot, and Cyrus were heading to the village As soon as we got there, the marketplace was very crowded

"Ok so let's start with the merchants, maybe they'll know...."

"Alright" They walked over to a man selling "Hey mister do you know anything about the flower that never blooms?"

"*Ah na pal, thare ur sae many flowers 'ere that tis impossible tae fin' a flower that ne'er blooms...if ye need hulp gang ask th' elder, mibbie they'll ken"

"*Ah na pal, thare ur sae mony flowers 'ere that tis impossible tae fin' a flower that ne'er blooms...if ye need hulp gang ask th' elder, mibbie they'll ken" "*Ah no mate, there are so many flowers here that it's impossible to find a flower that never blooms...if ya need help go ask the elder, maybe they'll know

Moonshot smiled and answered, "It's fine and yes we'll go ask the elders too"

The three went and asked all the merchants, the family, the elders, even the kids, but no luck


"So! We just look around right?"

"Yes, lets split ways, we can do each separate row by our self!"

"Ok let's start...."

"Wait! I have a question, Venson why don't you pick the flower that never blooms since your element is earth?"

"I can but that'll just disturb the nature and we don't want that"

"Oh...well do you know any flower that can't ever bloom?"

"Oh yes! Lecanorchis Nigricans can't bloom, maybe thats the flower we're looking for?"

"Oh so let's go get le....umm those flowers!"

"But think about it, lecanorchis nigricans are found in southeast Asia and the oracle teleported us that's not the flower we're looking for:

"You're right...welp let's keep on searching"

The 3 went to look at each and every row of flower beds but found nothing


"So what's this temple about?"

"You've never visited The Garden of Flowers?"

"No unlike you I'm very much busy"

"Tch...whatever there's no point in arguing with you"

"Smart choice" whispered Eliott

They both stepped into the temple, it felt old and ancient and it felt very intense though both of them felt in relief

"Welcome young-lings, what brought you here?" The voice was so soft it made you want to sleep, the woman stepped up and faced them

"Don't look into her eyes" whispered Elya Legend says if you look into her eyes you'll fall asleep and never wake up

"We've come to ask for help, your ladyness..."

"My help come with a price children"

"How much gold coins do you need?"

She chuckled, and said "You know what you're talking about dear boy" "I will take 100 gold coins for only ONE question!"

Both of them were a bit worried but then Eliott found out that the oracle put gold coins in their pockets She took out her bag and gave it to the woman

"Ah perfect! Now dearests what is your question?"

"Do you know where is the flower that never blooms"

"Hahhhahaha....the flower will you find, just right under this time, and when the clock strikes 9, it's time to sing the song"

After that the 2 stepped out and went to the hill where the were all supposed to meet up at

"So any news?"

"Yes...well it's something..." Elya told what happened when he and Eliott went to the temple

"Do you know where to go?"

"I think it's underneath"

"How do you know?"

"It's a....hunch" But something didn't feel right

"There's one more hour till the clock strikes nine...."

*Meanwhile outside of Earth*

"Everyone, everyone gather up!!!" Noah yelled to everyone

"Ugh what is it Noah...?" Kashima stepped down and looked like she doing something important

"Look!!" He pointed to a round circle with magic spilling all over it

"What the- No way...."

"It's cool right!!"

"Hahahaha....not just cool Noah it's wonderful!! It's a portal straight to Earth!!" His eyes were wide open "Alfred come take a look at this!"

"Who did this? Did the guardians do this?"

Pheona and Ash came down together

"They couldn't have done this...they're too much about humanity and all..."

"But no one else could have done this...I mean no one else has powers...."

"Who even cares who created it, the fact is that now we can enter earth!!"

"Get ready everyone...our time has finally come...."

To Be Continued ~

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