Guardians of Lore - S1 E1
Guardians of Lore - S1 E1 sim stories

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Guardians of Lore - S1 E1

Elya Tolen

The air was bit salty and the waves were wild, I pushed the rusty doors leading to a room smelling like old books

The room looked old yet new, I picked up a book and blew the dust off and then suddenly I heard footsteps thinking it was another guardian

Turned out it was only Atlas "Is someone coming?" I said looking out

"No...but I want to know, why do all the guardians meet up once a year?"

Atlas was recently my bodyguard, she was learning little by little everyday "It's a checkup on how's everything going, we all are pretty busy around the year so this was the only time we meet up"

After a few seconds the door creaked again and another person came in, the air started getting chilly and I knew exactly who it was

"Hello Elya"

"Here I was thinking everyone forgot we were supposed to meet up today, but you're here Violet"

"Well you are pretty early" She pulled of her hood and sat on her seat, her seat looked liked the exact opposite of mine, her looked icy while mine was on fire

"Who is she?" She pointed to Atlas

"That's Atlas, she's my bodyguard for a while" Hoping she wouldn't ask why I needed one

Then another guardian came in, he was all soaked from the rain

"Need a napkin August?" she said while grinning

"Funny Violet..." as he dried himself up

"I was hoping I could be the first, well you guys beat me" He sat down started to fiddle with a book

After a few minutes of talking 2 guardians came, one was soaked and the other was perfectly dry

The one who was soaked started dry himself up

"And it had to rain today Moonshot" he glared at the girl who didn't have single drop of water on her

"Well I couldn't help it, if I felt like it was gonna it's gonna rain, got it Cyrus"said as she was scowling at him

"Guys quiet down, no one must know we're here" said as he shushed him

"Ughhhh I've got things to do y'know, and you guys always are late which ruins my schedule" I was getting frustrated, there were 3 more people left and they still haven't come

"Do you think the other 3 are dead? I mean just asking" Everyone just looked at her, and then wondered if they were dead

Then the door swished open "Well dear I'm not dead as you can see" she was dry meaning the rain stopped

"Ah Elliot you're here" I said, calming down that more people were coming

"Yes well I had too, I had no choice" she answered softly as she sat down

Finally the last 2 people came in, finally everyone was here

"I told you we were late" said with a panicked voice

"Oh it's fine" she looked calm and looked like she didn't want to be here

"Well Venson and Raven are both here, please sit down" said as she assured them to their seats

"Sorry we were late, I was really trying to be on time but just some things happened..."

Everyone sat down and then I noticed Atlas was standing the whole time

"Atlas we can put an extra seat if you'd like to sit" I asked

She just shook her head and smiled sweetly

"So who do we want to start with?" asked August getting this over with

No one answered so Moonshot spoke up "Ok so I could say the conditions this time?"

"Sure no one else is doing it so it's your turn"

"Ok here we go," she took out her pen which only the guardians could use, and took out her paper, and started to read aloud "Have I used it for the humans, and not for my personal gain"

Everyone check off yes, if you didn't then that means you can't be a guardian The pen detects your lies and if you try to lie yourself out you will be blown into bits

"Done? Anyways have you made any improvements to the planet earth (s)?" her voice was clear

Everyone had to check 'yes', this time of the year was very tense, it depended on how you served as a guardian

After a few questions we were done, there were a few but were extremely hard to do

"So are we done? Can we go now?"

"Don't get too impatient plus we're supposed to stay over tonight and then go back"

"Guys I'm going outside for some fresh air" said Venson,

"Can I come with you?"

"Um sure?"

Everyone was just going to their beds now or somewhere just snacking and chatting

*Meanwhile* "It's a bit cold right?" asked Raven

"O-oh ya"

"Hey look at that!" Raven walked to a glowing stone, she stared at it and then picked it up

"I don't think you should touch it" said with worry

"Oh it's ok, it's just a gem" The suddenly the stone fell from her hands and then disappeared

"Where is it?!?"

"I told you not to touch it"

"Wait look!" A glowing swirl started to form in front of the abandoned building

"Oh no...t-thats a portal..." he was trembling with fear

"WHAT? What portal?" Violet came outside and started to call everyone out

"How did this happen?" asked August His vibe changed, he also looked more annoyed

"Did you see a glowing stone?" asked Elliot


"Sh*t" whispered Cyrus

Moonshot slapped her forehead "You do know that now enemies will come out of this portal now right?"

"Oh we never realized that..." her eyes were wide open

"Well there's only one way to fix this...we have to go see the oracle..." I answered


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