Guardians of Lore - Characters
Guardians of Lore - Characters 

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Guardians of Lore - Characters

Guardians -

(This isn't probably what you wanted..sorry :P)

Name: Elya Tolen Age: 18 Gender/pronouns: Male. He/Him. Also gay Power: Fire. Can also control heat and smoke Appearance: Short black hair with red streaks in it. Pale skin with a freckled face. One ice-blue eye, and one red eye that he can turn into a black eye.

Personality: Is very fiery and sassy. Can get very aggressive and has a bad temper. Behind this, however, he is very gentle and caring. Love?: YES PLEASE Family: A dead mother, a sick father, and an older brother who is in jail.

How you became guardian: He was exploring a cave one day when he felt a voice speak to him. He was sent into the Fire Trials, and instantly passed them, making him the guardian of Fire. Special Belonging: A golden necklace from his mother which is a family heirloom from the sixth century. Weapon: A spear made of tungsten.

- @jadelyn

Name: Raven Age: 16 Gender/Pronouns: she/her, they/them Power: darkness Appearance: dark black hair with blue eyes, pale skin and looks like she is 18. Typically like comfy dark clothing (hoodies, sweatpants goth stuff exc.) has bags under her eyes.

Personality: calm but can have a fiery temper. Tends to hurt others when really upset. Cares about close ones like friends and family. She acts like she dosn't care a lot but is very aware. Tends to look dead. But is stand off'ish. She is nice to people she knows but can because friendly to scary even with a smile on her face. Always tired. Love: sure why not. (Demiromantic)

Family: her friends, villains she surprisingly gets along with sometimes. How you became guardian: died but came back because she didnt have anywhere to go, death liked her as company. Special Belonging: her bird, luna. She is a shadow Phoenix; can become part of her scythe. Weapon: scythe.

- @the_nitro_wolf

Name: August Safari Age: ( 17 Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him Power: Light Appearance: Very pale skin, neck length (Covers one of his eyes), very pale blonde colored, light blue colored eyes, and is around 5'9"

Personality: in daylight, he's really positive with lots of quotes, and very supportive. In nighttime, he's more negative and doubtful. Loyal, can be a bit protective, and can be a complete savage on accident- Love?: Sure ^^ Family: His mother was very close to him, until he moved out. His father was abusive, but only during nighttime. How you became guardian: Passed down from his mother

Special Belonging: A broken charm bracelet from his mother. Weapon: Long distance weapon would be a flute-like shape that can break into two daggers. Short distance weapon would be chains. - @skittlesboyo

(Let's imagine she has blue eyes...)

Name: Violet Age: ( 16 - 20) 17 Gender/Pronouns: female she/her Power: Ice Appearance: long curly black hair, dark blue eyes, tall, slim, pale skin, beautiful, wears a long robe like black hooded coat with icy blue hems

Personality: her star sign is Sagittarius if that helps, optimistic, cheerful, can also be cold and merciless, don't get on her bad side, can't sit still, logical, extremely clever, sneaky, manipulative, likes to show off, bubbly, adventurous, observant, great at acrobatics Love?: Nope. She used to have a boyfriend but he's dead :( Family: random peasant people who died from fever

How you became guardian: mysterious almighty people blessed her with the power of ice when she traveled across a big icy country thing coz why not Special Belonging: a purple scarf with black and icy blue designs, a gift from her dead boyfriend Weapon: two super cool ice katanas - @notexactlyhuman

Name: Cyrus Bloom Age: 17 Gender/Pronouns: Nonbinary, Any (prefers he/him, cuz he grew up using those, but any fit) Power: Lightning

Appearance: Messy, grey-streaked black hair, pale skin, freckles, half moon spectacles with silver wiring, left eye is icey blue, right eye is icey blue and partially bright red (From being struck by lightning) short, 4'8, wiry appearance, prefers loose and concealing clothing

Personality: Cold towards strangers, but caring towards friends and family, has a social shell that can be pretty hard to break, loves to read and write, and loves to sit out in the rain. Love?: Ofc yes (sexuality is pan) Family: Mother, dead father. How you became guardian: Struck by lightning, survived, and his crazy mom took him to a shaman, who told him he had the power of lightning, which turned out to be true.

Special Belonging: A silver ring he wears on his right middle finger, from his dad. Weapon: A metal rod, used like a bow staff, but with lightning. - @red_psychopath_

Name: Elliott Age: ( 16 - 20) 17 Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her Power: ( Pick one from the post Air Appearance: long wavy dark hair, reflective green eyes, lean athletic build

Personality: she seems like a charismatic, intelligent, and kind young lady but not all of that is true. charismatic- yes, intelligent- yes, kind well, she acts kind, but she's secretly very manipulative and ambitious. , she craves power and feels like the other guardians aren't nearly as powerful as her or as powerful as the villains. Although, in the end, she is a good person.

Love?: she would probably fall in love with someone only to use them/betray them Family: she has no memories of her family whatsoever, probably amnesia How you became guardian: she was hit over the head and knocked off a cliff, the hit resulted in her amnesia but before she hit the ground her powers over the air kicked in like a survival reflex

Special Belonging: an emerald necklace she wears that when fully charged enhances her powers Weapon: lightning fast twin katanas - @elleseng

(Imagine the teddy wasn't there...)

Name: Moonshot Age: ( 16 - 20) Gender/Pronouns: anything feminine so like she, her, etc. Power: Water Appearance: Black long hair, Blue eyes, Black belly shirt, Jean shorts, black leather coat, somewhat muscular, smooth white skin and a cool water sword (you can choose what kind of sword)

Personality: Badass, strong, smart, stubborn, funny, caring, respectful, kind of a rule-breaker, laid back, hard worker, and she always gets the job done. Love; yes his name is Silverback. (you can choose what and who he is. Family: Father is Poseidon, Mother is deceased, Sister is Scarlett (wink wink) and the brother is Joe. there is also a dog named Scooby Doo

How you became guardian: Moonshot was born with special powers. She later started to train in combat and such. She went on a quest and was later gifted the name of guardian. She still has to find out who or what she is gauding though. Special Belonging: A locket that was given to her by her mother before she died. (only she knows what's inside it)

Weapon: Water sword and bracelets that can shape shift into anything of her choosing. - @izzyb

Name: Venson Timeus Age: 16 Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him Power: earth Appearance: Light messy brown hair, grey eyes, thin, short (about 4'11)

Personality: On the outside, he tries to seem well kept, level-headed and strong. But he is really quiet, panicky, and doubtful on the inside. He is also very loyal, but his loyalty leads to gullibility, and he often finds himself mislead by lies. He loves sketching, and spends time outdoors especially when storms are forecasted.

Love?: (dont care really) Family: has a mom that is really close to, but father went missing a long time ago as a drunkard. How you became guardian: He was going on a hike in the hills with his mom, when there was landslide. He panicked, and threw his arms out, and willed the rocks and dirt to go around him and his mother.

Special Belonging: a small stuff alicorn his mother gave to him a long time ago. Turns out, it can summon any mystical horse, like pegasus, hippocampus, unicorn, or even griffins. Weapon: An obsidian bow that comes with unlimited arrows, that can morph into a trident. - @thefallenfelina

Oracle -

Name: Mandaris Age: 275 Gender/Pronouns: straight female (she/her) Personality: acts like a nerdy teenage girl, really sweet, smart, creative, if you get on her bad side she will kill you Appearance: long wavy white hair, light blue eyes, really skinny, really pale, average height

Family: she was born out of a wish. The wisher died 200 years ago, in which that was the only thing to ever show her any type of love. After that she was hurt and abused. Weapon: diamond daggers - @inkdragon

Villains -

Name: Artemis Villain nickname: Phantom Age: 17 Gender/Pronouns: Genderfluid, leans more towards being a male though; uses they/them, he/him, and occasionally she/her pronouns; pansexual Love: Yes please :)

Personality: Cunning, intelligent, observant, athletic, calm, manipulative, loyal (only to certain people; they have to earn his loyalty), charismatic, sarcastic, misunderstood, mysterious, mischievous, loves messing with people and making them question themselves Appearance: Short wavy midnight black hair, fair skin, tall, eyes are a dark blue almost black eyes

Power: Illusions/Mind Manipulation Weapon: Scythe - @goldenphoenix

Name: Kashima Fao Villain nickname: Kashi Age: ( 16 - 20 ) 17 Gender/Pronouns: Her/she Love?: Yes (if you want me to go into detail later) Personality: She cares for one of the guardians but won't admit it, she's bold, smart, strategic, Makes very disturbing jokes, Can think very fast in tough situations, and she's very ambitious.

Appearance: She has long white hair that's in a pony, Gold eyes, She wear's only black, with earings Power: ( Can't be from the list) Invisibility. Weapon: Bow and elemental arrows - @baddie_girl

Name: Alfred Frons Villian nickname: Ghoul Age: 19 Love: Does not love anyone Gender/Pronouns: Male and does not care about anyone but himself Personality: Boring, Hates Love, Bloodthirsty and often likes killing people for crimes that were not that serious or sometimes just for fun.

Appearance: Glowing light blue hair that has been growing for years. Black eyes, Pale skin, Pointed ears. He is tall and slim with a belt around his waist with several daggers and other weapons Power: Able to turn into anything object he wants and teleport wherever he wants Weapon: A long silver sword with runes given by his father - @wiselog

Name: Pheona Villan name:Obscura Age: 16 Gender: Female Power: Darkness, specifically night-related powers Personality: nervous when put into the spot, ready for action at all times

Weapon: A very powerful sword and a bow with an inexhaustible quiver of arrows Appearence: Tall, slim, dark blue hair which covers her right eye - @crystalwritez

Name: Noah Age: 13 Gender: Male Personality: Shy at time's, Can be outgoing at time's, is a neko, quick to anger sometime's. Appearance: Has white hair, Basically wear's all white with a little bit of armor. Sexuality: Bisexual Power: Doesn't have one (If that's okay) Weapon: Sword, bow, or his claw's.

Name: Ashleigh Villain nickname:Ash Age: ( 16 - 20 )16 Gender/Pronouns:female/she/her Love?:yes

Personality:she doesn't use bad words, never lies but will say twisted truth or rather be silent, clumsy, forgetful, impatient,good at reading minds, always puts people in trouble, an expert in gaining enemies, cunning, has got the most wicked ideas, can get emotional sometimes.

Appearance:tall,thin,,red horns on head,peach skin tone,naturally curled eyelashes and shaped eyebrows,orange eyes,straight blonde hairs hairs till chest with side swept bangs and fringe Power: she has the power to control time, she can pause time,pause people, go to the past or future Weapon:her bandages, her horns and wooden frame

- @donnia

Name: Celar Villan name: Zygrade Age: 18 Gender: Male Power: Anti- magic, devil, recovery. Personality: shy with girls, Powers up when created dark zone. Agility, hard shield, strong against water and dark, Weapon: Godslayer, scepter, indestroyable-arm, demon slayer.

Appearence: looks good, handsome. With Crimson red hair, white skin, shining blue eyes which math him and I can change form into complete black like devils.... - @mr_invisible

Extra (Only one sorry) -

Name! Atlas Pompeii Age:16 Pronouns: She/Her and she is asexual but is really Bisexual Personality: she is really closed off and dark, she has no friends and her family was killed by bandits, she has many scars from battles, she is quiet and soft spoken but is a great leader and can take charge if needed

Appearance: Long bright red hair that is always tied back but she looks really pretty with it down, eyes are a jade green and her skin is pale and has may scars on it. She where’s a long black cape and a black jumpsuit with iron wrist cuffs that extend up to her forearm and has iron shin guards, she also has a mask that covers her mouth and nose.

Weapons: she has quite an advanced weapon it is a sword but can turn into a bow, 2 katanas, cross bow Extra: she is the fire guardians bodyguards - @brokeneyes

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