Dear Sirius Black,
Dear Sirius Black, harry potter stories

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The best I can do!

Dear Sirius Black,

Dear Sirius Black, Hi my name is Skylar, and I really love you, in fact a very big fan. How are you? Are you and the other Marauders ( except peter, forget him) having fun, playing pranks in heaven. Did you meet Remus and Tonks, and oh did you see Fred?

Say hi for me to them. I bet after you get bored of the pranks you probably watch Harry . I know he misses you too, so don't worry. By the way your death really shocked, I did not expect that. I actually cried when you died. Harry only seeing his Godfather for only 2 years. Its a shame but this is what we call fate.

At least now you don't have to worry about someone finding you and sending you to Azkaban. Well, its been quite a while, you'll be exhausted by reading all this. Well I better end this now, but I really am BIG fan of yours. You're the best godfather, friend, and a brother anyone could ask for!

Love, Skylar ♥️

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