Catch Me if You Can - Introduction
Catch Me if You Can - Introduction catch me if you can... stories

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I'm so excited for this because I love horror anything!!!

Catch Me if You Can - Introduction

*Warning* Very very very long

"Apolloooooo" squealed Liah. She ran to him panting, "When are the others coming?"

"You mean the other people who'll join us in the theme park?" replied Apollo

"Ya, they're all sooo late" she said in a whiny tone

"Oh look I see someone" said Apollo as he was pointing at someone

They were waiting outside the gates of the theme park. It has been said it was the world's scariest theme park 10 people were invited... While Apollo and Liah were waiting, someone came.

" I late" said the boy, "I'm Oliver if you were wondering"

"Hii, and yes you are pretty late but it's fine" said Liah as she waved at him

"Hey Oliver, I'm Apollo and this is my friend Liah" said Apollo as he shook his hand

As they were talking they saw 2 girls enter

"H-hi, is this where the theme park is?" asked the girl, "I'm Sam, and she's Maria" said Sam pointing at the other girl beside her

The girl waved at them, not very enthusiastically as the other's thought.

Suddenly a man came walking here, from the look of the teens they thought he was the owner.

"What? Why is everyone looking at me like that? I came to visit the theme park" said the man

"Uh no we thought you were the owner...." said Oliver

"Sorry" piped Sam

"It's fine but why are there only kids here except me?" asked the man

"We don't know" said Apollo with a questioning look

"Just call me need to be so formal" said Steve

"Got it!" said Liah with a half-hearted smile

After a few second a girl came in, and after a few seconds later a boy came in

"Hi everybody! I'm Ash" said the girl

"O-oh my name's also Ash..." said the boy

"Ok what's your last name boy" asked Steve

"Um Remmence" said Ash

Do you see the yellow spot?

"Ok so then we'll all call you Remmence then!" said Ash

Suddenly they were interrupted by 2 people

"Hey everyone is this for the theme park?" asked the girl with brown hair, "I'm cinder by the way"

"Hi I hope you weren't waiting for us too long, I'm Arten!" said Arten quietly

"No not tooo long, just about 20 minutes of my time..." said Liah sarcastically

"So is everyone here?" asked Sam

"Ya everyone is here, so does someone open the gates or something...?" asked Apollo looking around

Suddenly a voice boomed out loud.


"WELCOME!...." To Be Continued -

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