You're friends with my rapist
You're friends with my rapist trigger stories

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I never wanted to make this, but it's been so hard for me to say vocally.. I know no one who knows me will ever see this, but I hope it helps with the healing process.

You're friends with my rapist

by ericafridulf


The one who destroyed a part of me. Who forced me to do things I wasn't ready for. The "super-senior" who made my best friend break down. Who ruined my life.

When you're friends with my rapist

I find it hard to be friends with you. When you sit together at lunch, I never feel safe walking by. If he's around, I can't even say hi.

Do you not understand how it makes me feel?

To know that you remain friends with someone who violated me. It's not like you can say you didn't know it happened. I told you it did. I told you it bothered me. That I was uncomfortable.

I don't like saying it: the R word

For so long I blamed myself, so it still feels wrong saying it. But I know now it couldn't have been my fault if I kept saying no and that I didn't want to.

If I could say it more, I would

I'd tell everyone to be wary of the "super-senior" who hurt me. I would beg them to cut off ties with the boy who sent me to a psychiatrist. But it's hard for me to say. He was once my friend too

You're still friends with my rapist

And I think I have to give you a choice now. Be friends with the victim who rather not even talk about it, or the rapist who probably gloated about it once or twice.

My story is mine

So I ask of you to please not let me be just a story of his

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