6 Slides about Erica Fridulf
6 Slides about Erica  Fridulf stories

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This is my story.

6 Slides about Erica Fridulf

by Erica Fridulf

I grew up in Minneapolis, MN and Gurnee, IL.

Growing up here was interesting because I really got to learn a lot about different things from a vast number of resources.

In my spare time I write and role play.

I initially got into this because some stories I had read didn't always turn out the way I liked them.

My proudest moment was when

I found enough courage in myself to BE myself.

My dream is to teach highschool English and be happy.

I want this because the youth really are our future, and we need a bright future of hope. Also, I love sharing interests like Shakespeare.

Now, I am a senior in highschool.

I take care of my little sister and play Pokémon Go.

I'm looking forward to not worrying and caring as much.

I'm excited about this because then I'll feel freer to do as I please.

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