Your memories are mine-Part 1
Your memories are mine-Part 1 memories stories

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Our past-defines who we are, today. But what if it didn't? What if you were given a chance to rewrite your life-from scratch...would you do it?

Even if it meant losing somebody-you loved...while they were still alive?

Would you do it?

Your memories are mine-Part 1

They pointed fingers at him...looked at him with disgust and loathing.

"It's your fault"

"You shouldn't be here"

"Why couldn't you stop it".

"Why aren't you dead"

And then the voice that kept ringing in his head ever since that day...the voice that made his heart bleed

every time he heard it.

"Why did you do this to me?".

With a gasp Thomas sat up...he was in his bed, in his house, being hunted by the demons in his

his very home.

His body was coated in cold sweat and he was breathing heavily. Looking at his phone, he realized that it was just three in the morning. With a frustrated sigh he lay back down.

Every day...for the past six months, his dreams had been nightmares. A sharp contrast from the previous

years of his life...which seemed more of a dream, now.

A dream he wasn't supposed to have.

He couldn't close his eyes...he was scared, scared of confronting his demons again, scared of hearing

that he just lay there, silent tears making his way down his cheeks, eyes glazed over as he

considered every possible scenario...every single thought that crossed his mind, that night.

Could he have stopped it?

Maybe he could've!

And that thought killed him.


"Hey Tom".'

Thomas hummed...he was sitting with his friend, Drake in a cafe. He wasn't in the mood for socializing

just yet, but Drake wasn't taking "no" for an answer.

So there he was, looking down at his coffee...trying to picture himself, in the foam...drowning.

"Hey, listening to me?".

"Yeah, yeah" He hadn't heard a single word.

"So...Chris is arranging a reunion this in?".


"C'mon Tom!"


"You can't be like that, c'mon man...we are your friends...".

Tom thought about that, he couldn't take his anger out on was his guilt, his punishment...just a

causal hello wouldn't hurt.

"Okay...just for a few seconds...".

"Tom!", Drake said, exasperated.


As Tom got up, Drake stopped him, "You one blames you for this, okay?".

Tom was silent for a long moment before saying, "No...not everybody".

Drake looked at him, confused.

"Just me-".

And he walked off.



", don't do that please!!!"


And the next moment he was wet from head to toe...a bucket falling to the ground, beside him...the

sound of giggles accompanying it.


"You little...", he charged towards a lively blonde haired girl...who laughed gleefully and ran from him.

"Happy Birthday, Tom!", she managed to say.

And the camera stopped recording.

With a sigh...he looked at the final frame of the video...a dripping wet but happy Thomas- chasing...her.

The day "it" happened.

The day his punishment started.

He groaned and put his hands on his temples...he could remember every single detail of that day.

"Where are we going", she said with a smile.

They were sitting in his car...she was dressed in a flowing red dress that had caused Teyes to bulge

out of his head-heading somewhere, at 10 in the night.

"You'll see", Thomas smiled to himself as he thought about their destination...the beach where they had

their first kiss...where he had laid out a lovely picnic for them. He would then give her return to

the greatest present he had received from her.


God knows he was nervous...he had planned this for over a month now, but he knew he had to do it


That day was today


"Tom...", she smiled and looked over at him. "Why are you smiling?".

"How can I not? When I've got a knockout as my girlfriend", he teased


Her laughter rang out in the interior of the car, giving him confidence.

He could do it.

He had to.

"You do realize-it's YOUR birthday, right? I'm supposed to be planning these, impromptu trips-not you.", she pouted.

Thomas just laughed and leaned over his seat-pressing a kiss against her forehead-making her giggle.

Suddenly, a realization struck him. What if she rejected his gift? What if she didn't like it and didn't want

anything to do with him anymore? What if she ran away?

He couldn't force, he wasn't that type of guy. It would hurt, yes, but he would leave her alone...if

that made her happy.

He didn't know how this night would she would react to his gift. But he was sure of one thing.

He had to say it.

Before it was too late.

"Listen", Tom took a deep breath and looked over at the...goddess sitting beside him, "I lo-".



Before he blacked out...he saw her beautiful face, so delicate...getting smashed against the flying every screeching, men shouting.

He wanted to reach out to make sure she was alright...but soon his vision blacked out.




Tom sat up...sweating and breathing heavily, again.

He wanted it to be a bad dream...he wanted it to be just a nightmare...wanted to hear his phone ringing

and see that it was her...either texting or calling him.

But he would be dreaming again, if that happened.

With shaking hands, he reached for the sleeping pills on his dresser...he needed those, ever since that

night...he couldn't sleep without seeing her face, beautiful and serene even as it lay bleeding

out...against his dashboard.

He blamed himself...for not keeping his eyes on the road...for letting his emotions take over at such a

crucial time...for hurting her.

Hurting her!

He hurt her!

The pain was too much...his heart burned and shrank into a small blackened piece of charcoal, every

time he thought about that.

But the worst was yet to come.


"She has suffered severe brain damage", the doctor said gravely.

His throat closed up...the airbags hadn't deployed on her side, so she had taken the brunt of the impact.

His life had been "saved" by the airbags on his side...but his soul lay with her, in the

ICU ward.

He was dimly aware of her mother asking the doctor if she would pull through.

What was the point?

He had already killed least, one part of her.

"Yes, she will but we have to operate....", the doctor said, before adding ," but it will be at a cost-".

"Her memories would be taken away...she would, however regain them, by repeated exposures to the

faces of the people she met in her life".

"What happens if she doesn't meet them repeatedly?", her father asked.

"Well", the doctor looked at them, sympathetically, "she would forget them...forever!".


She would be healed completely.

No memories of that tragic night.

He knew what he had to do.

And he didn't hesitate.

"Son, what do you mean?", her mother looked at him with a horrified expression.

Her father however was more calm, "You don't need to beat yourself up for what happened! It wasn't

your fault!".

If only he could believe that.

"No...I caused this! She wouldn't have to go through this, if not for me", his head was in his hands, as a

deluge of memories threatened to bowl him over.

Her smile--her broken face...her lips-her blood.

Her blood.

Dripping from his fingers


No, no, no....

"Thomas....", a hand on his shoulder brought him out of his revere. Had he been screaming? The look on

their faces seemed to indicate towards that.

"I'm sorry...but I have to do this", he took a deep breath, she always came first.

No matter what.

At least he will have her memories...literally.

"But...Tom she loves you! Don't do's not your...",her mother started.

"WELL, IT BLOODY WELL IS!", Thomas thundered, if he couldn't convince them like this...he had to try

another way.

And it was going to kill him.

"CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND", oh hell, this was gonna hurt.




He had to say it...he had to say it.



Thomas rushed to the bathroom and kneeled over...a wave of nausea hitting him so hard, he thought he

was gonna puke right there on his bed.

He remembered how her mother had slapped him at her father had thrown him out of their hurt, yes.

But she came first.



" are you feeling", she asked her daughter...lying in a hospital bed, instead of her

home...connected to a multitude of machines.


The old lady had taken more than six months, but she had got most of her childhood memories




"Can I ask you something?".


"Did I...did I ever have a boyfriend?", she asked nervously.

For a moment, the old lady's eyes blazed with anger...anger at the man who had hurt her daughter so.

She wouldn't let him hurt her anymore.

Even his memory won't .

So she...did exactly what Thomas wanted her to do.

"No...but you will", the old lady put on a wobbly smile, "Just get better okay?".

Her daughter smiled...and lay back in her bed...thankful that the conversation hadn't got worse.

She was told that a truck had collided against her car while she was returning home from a movie.

She was alone in the car.

That's what they said.

So why did she remember feeling a warm hand on her shoulder...a gentle smile, loving gaze...and it was

directed at her?

She felt something-a sore absence, as if a part of her was missing...but...her parents and friends wouldn't lie to her...



END OF PART 1-The story was getting wayyy too long, so I had to cut it into two parts-go check out Your Memories are mine Part 2-if you want to see how this story ends!! Here's part 2-

Thanks for reading!

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