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The heartbeat monitor beeped…a constant sound repeating every one second.

The electronic ping was the only sound he needed to hear-

The steady pulse of her heart was the only feeling he needed-

She was the only thing he needed-

He just needed to hear her voice again.

One more time…

Hold on...I still need you

SONG NAME-Hold on by Chord Overstreet

The heartbeat monitor beeped...a constant sound repeating every one second.

The electronic ping was the only sound he needed to hear-

The steady pulse of her heart was the only feeling he needed-

She was the only thing he needed-

He just needed to hear her voice again.

One more time...


"Mr....", the doctor called for him, his face grave and forlorn.

What hope remained in his heart went away with a pop...he knew this was coming...ever since she started

complaining of a pain in her side...

He just felt that he would've had more time....



The time was 12 am.

The doctor's said she could go any time now.

She was beautiful still...her face was pale and gaunt-because of the war, she had fought for three months...three months that had destroyed her...both mentally and physically.

"Hey", he knew she couldn't hear her...but he wanted to let her know, "I am gonna stay here okay? I am

not gonna let you go alone".

She needed to rest.

A single child- parents killed in a car crash...abusive foster home...she had broken down so many times in

his arms


He was the only person who had really seen her...brushed past the beautiful exterior...and embraced her

damaged soul...he wanted to fix her- piece by piece...but he knew it would take time

Time which was running away from them.

He fished his phone out and turned on her favorite song...she loved this song and if he couldn't do

anything else.

He had wanted to let her go, when the time was right...in a beautiful and melodious way...when she was old, and they could depart together.

When the time was right....

He didn't want her to be the one to leave first-in a bed, surrounded by machines-keeping her heart


And as the strains of the song began, he hummed along, trying to ignore the tears that fell from his

eyes...as he held her cold and still hand.


[Loving and fighting

Accusing, denying

I can't imagine a world with you gone

The joy and the chaos, the demons we're made of

I'd be so lost if you left me alone]

Yes he would...he would be lost if she wasn't with him...if he didn't see her adorable antics every

single day.

Her gentle touches on his skin, whenever they lay on their bed or cuddled on the sofa.

Her silent breathing next to him...those countless nights he stay awake, just looking at her, sleeping

peacefully...wondering what he could've possibly done in his life to deserve such a woman.

Her adorable pouts, the way she always misplaced her shoes...the way she rubbed her fingers

whenever she was anxious...the way her voice trembled whenever she was close to crying...the

way she absolutely hated eating spinach.

He would miss the times they fought over stupid things...he wanted those seconds

back...seconds where he argued with her when he should've shown her how much he loved her.

Time,he had lost.


[You locked yourself in the bathroom

Lying on the floor when I break through

I pull you in to feel your heartbeat

Can you hear me screaming "Please don't leave me"]

It had happened.

It was bound to.

The nightmares...

He still remembered that night.

When he woke up cold...without her sprawled on top of him-he felt incomplete, lying in their bed-alone.

And then he heard her crying, in the bathroom...haunted by the memories of her parents

crash...seeing their mangled bodies...her constant whispers of "I saw them, I saw them again" and

her body shaking with sobs.

He could do no more than hold her in his arms, trying to impart the warmth that he held for her in his

heart to her cold and shaking one...trying to show her that no matter what happens, he would

always remain by her side...holding her as she broke down...her strength was boundless but she

was a human...subject to emotions like loss and pain.

He would always be there for her.


[A long endless highway, you're silent beside me

Drivin' a nightmare I can't escape from

Helplessly praying, the light isn't fadin'

Hiding the shock and the chill in my bones]

He drove as fast as he could.

Broke every speed limit.

Got God knows how many tickets.

He didn't care.

At that moment, he didn't care for anything-except the woman on the seat next to him...writhing in pain.

"Please hold on", he said trying and failing to reassure her...as she looked with those beautiful blue

eyes at him...with trust.

Complete trust.

Her eyes were a mystery to him...they were sometimes startling blue...sometimes sky blue...but

they were always beautiful.

Beautiful eyes that hid so much pain inside them.

This was his nightmare...to see the light in her eyes, gradually fade away.... helpless to do anything

but stand there.


[They took you away on a table

I pace back and forth as you lay still

They pull you in to feel your heartbeat

Can you hear me screaming, "Please don't leave me"]

The doctors had rushed her to the OT room as soon as she arrived...she had been complaining of a

pain in her side, brushing it off as a normal ache.

But then the pain started increasing...so much so that some days she couldn't do anything but just

sit there and shed silent tears in agony.

She tried to hide it from him...but he was having none of it.

She had passed out just as they had pulled up in front of the hospital...leaving him to pick her up

bridal style and rush inside.

Stage 3 Lukemia .

She had stage 3 Lukemia...and the doctors could do nothing...but ease her pain.

She was going to go one day.

They had told him-clearly.

And the day....was today.


[Hold on, I still want you

Come back, I still need you

Let me take your hand, I'll make it right

I swear to love you all my life

Hold on, I still need you]


The beeps which had been steady for so long were now slowing down.

He wasn't ready.

He still wanted her to open her eyes and laugh this off as a joke.

He still needed her...no one else would take her place.

He would keep loving her till the day he meets her again...and beyond that.

"Please don't go", he whimpered...uselessly.


[I don't wanna let go

I know I'm not that strong

I just wanna hear you

Saying baby, let's go home

Let's go home

Yeah, I just wanna take you home]

The beeps had slowed way down...she was about to leave...he didn't want her to go alone.

He got up from the chair...kissed her cold forehead and brushed a hair on her forehead...as he did

countless times before-back, when they were just kids, and she had fallen sick.

"Wait for me okay?"

[Hold on, I still want you]

God knows he still wanted her...he wanted her to be his pillar of strength every time he fell...he

wanted her face to be the first thing he sees every morning...he wanted to bicker with her...make

love to her...spend the rest of his life with her.

He was breaking inside...and she wouldn't be there to fix him now.

He was trying so hard to fix her damaged soul...he didn't realize that she was the one fixing him.

[Come back, I still need you]

And as the song slowly faded away...it was replaced by a new sound-the sound of a machine which

had for three months been beeping at regular intervals, now replaced by a steady constant beep.

And the sobs of a broken man filled the silence of the room.


"I don't want to go alone okay!", she whispered, tears staining her beautiful yet gaunt visage.

"Don't worry...you won't!", he promised her, "I'll be there...always!".

And he had kept that promise.


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