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Is he really want they think he is?? 😨😨

Judging πŸŒƒπŸŒƒ

"He's evil and very bizarre", Vera, my best friend said to me. Vera has been my friend since primary school. I just told her about going on a date with Sam, the most feared boy in school.

"I know about this but if you get close to him he isn't as dark as you think", that was me talking.

Well, I haven't introduced myself. I am Sasha Wilfred. I am 17 and just celebrated my birthday last summer. A famous and adroit handball player in my school. My family is well respected.

My relationship with Sam has now made me an island. Nobody wants to associate with me because they think Sam has infested me with his strange behavior.

Vera is the only friend I have now and I can't afford to lose her neither can I afford to let Sam down by deliberately refusing to show for the date .

"If you go for that date, I will let your parents know about it and you will be grounded." Vera commented. In anger, I replied, "who the fuck do you think you are.

You have no right over my life. Capisce!" Without even replying, she stormed out of my room.

I guess that was the end of our relationship. I had to put on my clothes before mom and dad arrived. I left the house. .

No. 56 Johnson street reads the writing on the wall. Yes! That's his house. His house is, I must say is grosteque and unusually round. Walking through the aisle leads to the main house.

I saw him.

"Sam", I yelled.

He turned to look at the person who called and walked to my direction when he saw it was me . He was shirtless and I could see his packs. β€œNice and you got there. " I managed to speak. He smiled and took me in. Everywhere was as quiet as a graveyard.

He brought me grape πŸ‡ freshly plucked from his backyard and I could not help but accept them. I mean it was fresh and succulent .

We talked and laughed and he started telling me about his family. β€œIf you know me well, I am not dark as you think”, he started. β€œAfter my father lost one of his elections and escaped assassination, he felt everyone was against us . I was homeschooled and I never got to meet friends as usual. He bought this house so we could be far from the reach of people. Not until my 16th birthday party that he promised to let me go to school outside . "

No wonder. This explains the personal guards with arms bringing him to and fro school. This explains the brutal looking dogs chained around the house. β€œThis action of my father's affected my social life and communication skill.. "At this point I felt sorry for him and he held my hand and told me to promise him not to leave him for I am his only friend and first love. I could see love in his eyes and we,... OH MY GOD 😳😳😨!! DID I JUST KISS HIM! YES I DID. Surprisingly, he didn't pull back, he succumbed . He wasn't a bad kisser. We kept kissing and I pulled his clothes and I kissed his

β€œI don't know but quietly crawl down to the closet and hide" he answered. I did that. The door opened and I heard him say " Good evening father" FATHER!! 😳😳!! How am I going to get home when his dad is back. His father replied and left the room .

β€œYou can come out now, he's gone " he said. β€œHow am I supposed to get home now your father is back ? My parents are so gonna be .... " He held my mouth . "β€œCome,"he said. I followed him. He gave me a key and led me to a underground house and told me to follow the path and when I get to the gate I should use the key. He kissed me bye

I got home smiling and luckily mom and dad weren't yet home. The next school day, I walked up to Sam, who was at the cafeteria and handed the key to him and he passed me a note that read β€œ last night was fun and I loved your company. Xoxo πŸ’“πŸ’“ " I could not help but blush .

From last night experience, I can deduct that austere and stern parents raise up wild kids. And as for Vera she is a thing of the past. I have found joy and happiness in Sam and that's what matters πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰

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