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Don't look away.


I sit at my desk, searching for a single spark of an idea through the brainstorm.

What should I write for her?

She loves poetry,

and you love her,

so think, dammit!


I try to lean more into a sad sort of poem...

An elegy, perhaps?

Maybe, but now putting more thought into it, that may not be the best idea.

My mind frantically searches for the best way to structure each stanza, putting in as much effort as possible.

But the process is so overwhelming, it's as if she's watching me write over my shoulder.

I slip away into deep thoughts about her, the way she would say my name.

But suddenly, I hear her whisper it into my own ear.

Startled, I whirl around to see nothing but the gaping darkness of my own room, the only light illuminating from the desk lamp.

It's practically useless searching through the black for a figure that I may not see, so I turn back around to face my notebook.

My racing thought process begins once more.

Then I thought of something I knew she would love. A line that would make her happy and fit into the stanza perfectly.

I write it neatly and picture her the next day, smiling as she read my piece.

It brought a smile to my face thinking about it.

Then I felt her arms wrap around my shoulders.

She put her lips next to my ear and muttered in the unmistakable sound of her voice, "I love you."

I whirl around again, heart rate plummeting.

Again I searched the dark, this time calling out:


I then call out her name. No response.

I twist the head of the lamp to face the empty blackness.


I twist it another way.

Still nothing.

I was positive that someone was in the room with me,

but there was no one here.

Again, I turn back to my desk and continue writing.

I was almost finished when I heard tapping on glass.

I turn my head to the left, facing the window.

The curtains were not drawn, and the moonlight from outside outlined the dark figure standing at the window.

Struggling to remain calm, I slowly rise from my chair.

I inch closer to the window, yet I was still afraid to come to close.

The figure kept tapping the window without a regard that I was there. Finally, I reach the set of curtains and draw them back.

The figure was gone.

I stared in disbelief out the window.

Just to be sure, I open the window and peer out of it.

I look left and right over and over again to ensure that there was no one on the roof.

With finality, I bring my head back inside my room and shut the window.

I turn to walk back to my desk,

but a dark figure is standing less than a foot from me.

I let out a surprised yell and jump back against the window.

From there, I studied the figure...

And she looked all too familiar.

She then looked up at me through her hair with unforgiving eyes.

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