Doki Doki Literature Club! The Novel Chapter 1 - Signed Off an Unspoken Agreement
Doki Doki Literature Club! The Novel Chapter 1 - Signed Off an Unspoken Agreement horror stories

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Warning: This series is not for those who are easily disturbed.
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Doki Doki Literature Club! The Novel Chapter 1 - Signed Off an Unspoken Agreement

Based off of the best-selling visual novel horror game by Team Salvato

"Dr. Grey, give me an update on the subject."

Dr. Helen Grey looked up at her boss, Dr. William Helms, with a hint of nervous uncertainty.

"Well, in the ten administrated tests, bypassing the sexual response test, I do have a request that we bypass a few other tests that she has just taken in the future,

due to lack of response overall, and, well, for the sake of her well-being. And her sanity."

Dr. Helms looked down at Dr. Grey and said nothing.

"I... um..." Dr.

Grey suddenly felt frustrated at the man, always seeming to involuntarily force her report back with the subject's same responses as the last set of tests,

and with this same kind of lack of control over HER subject's testing, Dr. Grey began to say the same thing she always did.

"Again, the tests I believe we should bypass for the subject's next examination should be the ones involving Life Threat Response and Elimination,

as well as the activation and suppression of the Third Eye."

Dr. Helms smiled.

"And, as always... where do you think my opinion stands upon that type of idea Dr. Grey?" Dr. Helms began to back away from her desk and toward the door.

"Those are four required tests for ALL of our subjects. Libitina is no different from anyone else in this facility." He opened the door and began to leave.

Dr. Grey's frustration then turned to anger. She stood up.

"Dr. Helms, continuing to administer these test will only accelerate the deterioration of Libitina's health!"

Dr. Helms turned back around.

"You are choosing to avoid the measures necessary to prevent a repeat scenario,

Dr. Grey. Will you not have as much faith in your personnel as you do in your God?"

And with that, Dr. Helms left, leaving Dr. Grey staring through a reinforced glass pane, staring into the darkened chamber.

Staring at the little girl.

Staring at the little girl that was once Libitina.

Ryan had been waiting on the sidewalk for nearly forty-five minutes now.

Wow, maybe she got up earlier than I did and is already at school, Ryan thought to himself.

In that case...

Ryan began walking down the sidewalk toward the high school.

Not even two seconds after, he heard the pitter-patter of shoes on concrete from behind him.


Ryan turned around to see an annoying girl running toward him in the distance.

That girl is Sayori, Ryan's neighbor and best friend since they were children.

They would always walk to school together, however, since they started high school, she would oversleep more and more up until the point where I would start walking without her.

But if Sayori was going to run at him like this, Ryan almost felt better running away.

Instead, he sighed and idled in front of the crosswalk and waited for her to catch up.

"Haaaah... haaah..." Sayori pants heavily as she nearly slams into Ryan. "Ha! You almost left without me again! But I caught you this time!"

Ryan chuckled in amusement. "Maybe, but that's only because I decided to wait for you."

A flash of shock flashed over Sayori's face.

"Eh? You say that like you were thinking about ignoring me..." She then did this weird thing with her torso, sort of curving it inward, almost as if she were leaning forward.

She then touched her two forefingers together.

Sayori always had these weird ticks depending on her mood, but these ticks would seem to grow even more childish as they grew older.

Ryan laughed. "Come on, Sayori. This type of thing gets annoying after a while. Put yourself in my shoes for once."

Sayori frowned, but then giggled for some reason.

"Ehehe... Fair enough. But you did wait for me after all."

"Yeah, yeah."

They walked in silence for a while.

"Hey, by the way, have you decided on a club to join Ryan?" Sayori looked at him with curiosity as he said the same thing he always does.

"Sayori, I told you, I don't think I'll be joining any clubs this year. I haven't been looking either."

Sayori's expression turned to confusion.

"Huh?! That's not true! You told me you would join a club this year!"

Ryan thought for a moment.

"Mmm... Nope. I don't I did." Ryan look back at his friend as her expression turned to sadness.

"Uh-huh! You did! I remember! When we went to the park a few weeks ago, you told me you would join a club this year! Don't you remember?

Or were you too busy thinking about the anime you were watching the night before, making you not pay attention to what I was saying and agree with me just to shut me up?"

Ryan startled. "Sayori..."

Sayori blushed. "Oh, um, I'm sorry... Did I yell?" There goes that tick again.

Ryan sighed. "Look, I'll check out a few clubs if it makes you happy. No promises though."

Sayori straightened. "Will you at least promise me you'll try a little?"

Ryan sighed again. "Yeah, I guess I can promise you that."

Sayori beamed.

"Ehehe! Good enough for me!"

As they continued to walk in silence, Ryan thought to himself:

How do I always let myself to be lectured by a carefree girl?

Maybe seeing her worry about me so much makes me want to ease her mind a little, just to show that I'll be fine.

For Ryan, the school day is over before he knows it and his mind wanders back toward the subject of looking for a


Ryan gets out of his seat as the bell rings and walks into the hallway.

Maybe I should join the anime club, Ryan thought.

Having settled his mind on that, he began to walk to the anime clubroom...

...when someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Ryan!" He turned around to see Sayori beaming at him with a wide smile. "Ready to go to our club?"

Ryan looked at Sayori, confused.

Our club?

"Sayori, what do you mean by OUR club?"

Sayori's smile faded and she did her tick again.

"Oh... Ehehe... I forgot... I didn't tell you..."


"Didn't tell me what?" Ryan asked slowly.

Sayori didn't answer. Instead, she squeezed her lips together. Her eyes repeatedly drifted over to the left.


I looked at the left side of the hallway, trying to see what she was looking at.

There was a 'Club Member' paper on the wall for some kind of literature club.

There were five names on the list:

Monika, directed specifically as the club's president.

The next name was Sayori's, directed as the club's vice president.

And three more names: Yuri, Natsuki, and...


All directed as members.

Ryan slowly turned back to Sayori.

Sayori giggled nervously.

"Sayori..." Ryan sighed.

"Come on! It won't hurt to at least stop by!" Sayori straightened again, being a lot more assertive. "Natsuki made cupcakes!"

Ryan sighed.

"Why, Sayori?"

Sayori's expression turned to stone. "Look Ryan, I was thinking about no one but YOU when I signed you up. You have to at least give me SOME credit for caring!"

Ryan looked at the list of names again.

He then noticed that every name except for his was a girl's name.

He thought for a moment, considering.

Again, he sighed.

"I'll stop by for a cupcake, okay?"

Sayori's eyes lit up.

"YES! COME ON!" She grabbed him by the wrist and ran with him to a different part of the school.

And thus, today marks the day Ryan, in fact, sold his soul for a cupcake.

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