The Days Are Still Golden
The Days Are Still Golden life stories

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Memories of ones life. That’s all that’s left at the end of the day.

The Days Are Still Golden

To the gal who was always by my side

I say, thanks to you, I can almost stem the tide

You were there for me, in the good times and the bad

Even though it was the sixties, it was more than a passing fad

Those distant memories are still etched upon ones mind

For you have made me the man, that you know is so kind

A better person, than the one you never really knew before

So my utmost gratitude, to the gal who I'll always adore

Don't feel guilty, it's not your job in life

Be yourself for me, for I'm the one in strife

I'm not scared of death, just the act of dying

So live your life, 'cause there's no use in lying

Back on the mountaintop, with a storm rolling in

We were sitting on the porch, so why not sing

The dark clouds are hovering, so let it be

Waking early every morning, saying, why not me

When I'm six feet under and the days are still golden

Remember it was my parents who got me enrolled in

No signature needed, just pay the balance, when it's due

All I wanted was a simple life, even if it wasn't brand new

Learned from elders, reminisced from the youth, nothing to lose

Mainly lived my life, in the here and now, walking in my shoes

Felt joy of love, ached pain of loss, add some envy and greed

Farewell my family and friends, your memories are all I need

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