That Moment In Life
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Girl you broke my heart last time. Can I trust you again from the flip of a coin?

That Moment In Life

Girl you broke my heart last time

Can I trust you again from the flip of a coin

I sure do still have pain

From jagged little tears of my heart

And the memory of that moment in life

When your luck ran out exiting the door of the boy next door

And now you want me to once again trust

How long before I catch you with another lust

If I do indeed take you back into my arms

Will I need to shield my love from more harm

For if I've only got thin skin for protection

Girl I could end up as a lonely recluse

A lonely recluse, girl, damn

Girl and those loose lips of yours

Your heart needs to be locked from opening doors

You're such a cutie, you're much nicer than before, the girl I will always adore, a real needle in a haystack

You think you know what it takes to be mine

But you know you have some flaws

I shouldn't have to pray or pay to investigate

Girl you got such a pretty face

Would take me a whole lifetime to find again

But I'd rather start searching, the entire human race

Than put up with the lying and dishonesty by you

And if I don't find my journeys soulmate

Or pass some by, that throw me some bait

I'll live my life alone and at least in peace

Girl I would rather a lonely reclusive life, than hell.

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