Small Mind, No Matter
Small Mind, No Matter hip-hop stories

fetchitnow Homie hang in’ @Venic3 Bitch Laaaa
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Man, you keep on spillin' More than you're a fillin'

Small Mind, No Matter

Man, you keep on spillin'

More than you're a fillin'

So, you should never ever get all ya money

Where ya be gettin' all of ones honey

You've inherited a handful of ritzy

An amount I'd say is just a little itsy bitsy

But I was born with a face full of glamour

So I guess now, I'm ritzy and glamorous, and so much more

You always did have a small mind, no matter

If I had to choose between you and my ex, I'd take the latter

'Cause your always showing off to your friends

Think ya cool, cruisin' Rodeo Drive, in a pimped out Benz

Little mama's boy, hiding below those colored skin sketches

Paying for a little salad on the side, 'cause they all let ya call dem bitches

I own it now baby and I know its all from you

You owe me much more than what's already overdue

You made me who I am today, even if it took over a decade

You showed me the figures I spent on your entertainment tab

But ya never were really that good at basic math

So before I left, I let the police know, you're a sociopath

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