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My thoughts.


Was Jesus an impersonator

Or the original son of the creator

Did he steal ones name

Then get all the credit and fame

Lying about, Hanging about

Lazily wandering about

The non factual stuff he was saying

No wonder we still have heaps of doubt

Maybe, he could tell a great bedtime story

If so, did he copyright it all

And will he sue for defamation

Or was he just like the rest

Just after all the worlds glory

While I inside hiding

The real source of his information

All things come and go

Like World Leaders, Empires

Big Bang Theories & Co

He went on trial, then got lucky

Had groupies follow him

Hundreds of miles, along the Nile

Do you think

He will bother to give us a call

Before he comes back down

To judge us all

Gee time flies

When you believe in yourself

Hope I'm still here, if he returns

To at least defend myself

Jesus Christ, Oh my God

God just spoke to me

Looks like, I'm the chosen one

He said, get ready

Then, wait for his text

For I'm up next

For has anyone ever bothered

To do a family tree search

If you did, you would know that dad

Had more than just the one son

We have the same DNA as mum But dad emptied his spirit

Into not just one virgin bowl

So next time you hear

The almighty word from ones mouth

Listen carefully from deep inside

Ones very own memory soul

Remember your parents advice

When you were a young youth

Because all creatures born on earth

Instantly know the meaning of ones life details

So don't ever think

You are the chosen black sheep

In your family's fairytales

Live your life, fly like a bird

Just be Happy and Free

And be one with your creator.

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