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Home Base

I wasn't ready for this big old world

Some were back again, but I wasn't told

Others couldn't cope, not being so dope

They didn't answer calls, just hung up by a rope

The born again and believers in reincarnation

Saw a revelation or got the wrong interpretation

Figuring out their downfall, once they recall

Well, that's what they think, the last time again

It's such a wonderful place, even if it's a rat race

People are running about, children lying about

The world and the environment, I now doubt

Schools, Magazines, even TV, show that place

Where we all get along, we dare not disagree

But we were given a choice, God's gift to him, her and me

Did he lie, was she joking, is this not the case

Should I still pray, to be able to enter home base.

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