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Divine Intervention: Sometimes things just suddenly appear

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention:

Sometimes things just suddenly appear

Sometimes they're ever so clear

My dreams awake, before I can touch

And thoughts rush into, my curious mind

Sometimes things just suddenly appear

It's as though waking, will make it so clear

If it's divine intervention, I may believe

Might even start kneeling

Such curiosity for my mind

It's never just out of reach

It's always just so close

I feel just a gentle breeze

Then suddenly, I shake all about, upon waking

So, we'll pretend we can almost touch

We'll see it just as we like

Hopefully it'll be just like before

And better still, I'll still have my mind

But, I know what I just saw, wow

I'm suddenly a believer, in someone above

How sweet (I know how sweet) just pretend, don't tell

I'll see just as before

Suddenly I'll know

And never again, I'll just trust my mind


No more appearances

So long divine interventions

Bye bye mind...

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