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fetchitnow Homie hang in’ @Venic3 Bitch Laaaa
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Chop n Screw it to bits. Just mix a little, then taste all da blenz.

Chop n Screw

Chop n Screw it to bits

Just mix a little, then taste all da blenz

Dolby two sided cassette re-mix

Plastic record kinds, always my frendz

Trippin' like now, da way dat we do

Ya bitch nor crew just can't explain

Absolute phenomenal my man, whoa!

Leanin' on da switch, gave us instant fame

Doin' it on a regular, everyday

Even city folk can relate, in sum strange way

Slab kings rising from the dead

No motor, no nothin', nothin' but crew

Yellowstone candy, if dats wat ya fancy

Or black, bolly boyz, colored candy

Black sheriff riding bareback, along da Southside

Giddy up, Giddy up, never you mind

Drinkin' drank, scissor or lean

Know dat we really can be mean

We in da screw house, not in damn lockup

Get ya cups, then take a seat, backup

3'N da mornin' we fuck

Sippin' on da syrup, smokin' on ya dope

Yo bitch, Candy, lick it all up

Wat it does, is it gives da hood hope

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