A Door Just Shut Within My Mind
A Door Just Shut Within My Mind life-struggles stories

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Life and it’s struggles, whoever you are.

A Door Just Shut Within My Mind

Been trackin' my journey, along The Mississippi Delta line

Booze, drugs or just bad luck, has put my life into decline

Broken family, abusive mother, stepfather would only groan

When bashed for not eatin' my mash, I fled into the unknown

Hitched my finger out, along the famous route 66 to LA

Cruisin' with girls, hair all messed up, in a pickup Chevrolet

A door just shut within my mind, bang, bang

California sounds, like the place to hang

You can still go surfin' all year long

Locals tell me, it's where we all belong

Handsome dudes, gob smackin' tanned gals

Fitness freak junkies, boulevard buskers high on morals

Never stay about for a brutal end to the day

Make the ones hurtin' you, instead of naturing, pay

Wave the middle finger, as you slam the front door shut

You’re here in life by yourself, like an island, unspoiled and untouched

Be the one, seek the sun, your life has truly just begun

But, in the end, just remember there's no full ticket refund.

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