Lies are also white.
Lies are also white.  lies-2018 stories

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By festey

Lies are also white.

Why people hate lies while they are always the one way out. To avoid a disaster, you simply lie. To protect someone you simply lie. That's exactly why I lied that big, they signed me as a liar but more as a killer, but they didn't know I lied because I just loved.

I couldn't say I was the reason why he died. They were going to point at me as killer -as I think of myself-. I wasn't there, but I witnessed what happened. everyone thought I was home, but I was with him, I didn't cheat I just wanted to prevent him from committing suicide. I didn't love them both at the same time, I just loved one more than the other.

I told him "don't kill yourself, you'll maybe rest but leave us in pain and guilt", he simply answered with a broken tone "why would you feel guilty? do you love me?". And here I lied the biggest lie that made me lose them both. One is in the sky and the other disappeared somewhere on earth.

I didn't mean to, I wanted to help, so I lied, I told him I love you more than anyone else, he was also there, I didn't know. Things went really complicated. when I turned around to make things clear, he knew I lied, he jumped! but the other one didn't believe that I lied to save him.

Eventually, I ended up losing both, my soulmate and my love life. A simple lie cost me my whole life, people discovered, they think I'm the reason why, I am the killer, I am the destroyer. Am I ?

by festey

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