Who Is...? (Guliard Pfenious Backstrom to Miss Brown)
Who Is...? (Guliard Pfenious Backstrom to Miss Brown) postapocalyptic stories

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.
It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Who Is...? (Guliard Pfenious Backstrom to Miss Brown)

Guliard Pfenious Backstrom (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A man of surprising lineage. For tedious political reasons, Guliard and Alicia Troy are betrothed to be married.

Gunman (Clone) Gunman is an itinerant gunsmith well known among the various gangs of the wasteland with whom he plies his trade.

For some time now, he has been aware that he is being actively sought by Joe Spivey, a figure from Gunman's somewhat mysterious past.

At the moment, much of that past is mainly speculation but he is a valuable asset to the gangs and they are actively and cooperatively, taking steps to hide and protect him.

Harry Hubbard-Awolowo (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Doctor Hubbard-Awolowo is an experienced anthropologist currently assigned to the Troy Foundation investigative expedition.

His assistant is Amy, is an ambitious young anthropology student.

Helen Glasser (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Helen is a decorated Sergeant in the Rangers and has been given the unwelcome assignment of ensuring the safety of

the Troy Foundation's investigative expedition. Already short of staff, she resents spending any of her very limited resources and manpower on fulfilling this responsibility.

Horse In inmate of the New Flagstaff orphanage of similar age to Finny and co. Horse was one of those survivors of a massacre who ended up in the orphanage.

For the first year or so Horse never walked anywhere but always galloped like he was riding a horse. Then, one day, he stopped in the middle of the dining hall and just started crying.

He cried all day but when he stopped he never galloped again... The name stuck though. Horse is on the waiting list to be employed at Joe Spivey's ammunition factory.

Joe Spivey (Clone) He was fifty-five when he died way back before The Fall.

Born and grew up in the east end of London, the young Joe tried to escape the pervading gang culture by joining the army.

Specialising as a sniper, Joe was eventually obliged to leave the army due to certain stores irregularities.

Back on the streets, Joe was able to put his army training and discipline to very good effect and, over the years, built himself a nice, if legally dodgy, little business empire.

Always one to hedge his bets, Joe insured himself against business rivals by taking advantage of the new cloning opportunities recently being advertised for those who could afford it.

Shortly after signing up, Joe's car blew up.

After getting over the shock of finding himself in a post-apocalyptic world, and even worse, in America of all places, Joe set about rebuilding what he once had.

And he was doing ok too, but then Miss Brown happened to him and with her 'help' Spivey's Independent Traders really took off.

Lots of things happened during this time and Joe learned first-hand of Miss Brown's rapid fall into depraved insanity.

Eventually, he was able to (mostly) free himself from her clutches and now lives in semi-retirement with Kirsten Kjaer, their daughter Anneka and her nanny Silja Hennigsdottir.

Joel Miller-Straley (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Joel is the undernourished looking sculptor of a statue unveiled in the square at the New Flagstaff site.

The statue is said to depict Joe Spivey, a minor character from The History. Joel has his own business, Firefly Sculpting and is recognised for creating a bronze bust of President Floyd.

Joseph Simmet (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A famous and important character from The History.

Ninety-three years after the last death from old age was recorded in Grand Canyon Province,

Joseph Simmet was charged with finding a passageway through the radiation which surrounded the province at that time.

Once a way through or around had been found, he was to strike out and locate new lands for the by now burgeoning population to move to and occupy.

Ten years later, the first great migration began, a series of migrations that would eventually result in the rebuilding of Brasilia, the new capitol city of the world.

Justin Justin is a twenty-year-old gang member and belongs to the Devil's Own camp just north of Hope Springs.

Typical of most gang members, he is a vicious, murdering drug addict who shaves his head and sports numerous tattoos.

Justin is currently shacked up with Sadie but, as is usual in the gang,

this is likely just a temporary affair and will change when either one of them finds someone higher up in the social pecking order.

Justin made the unfortunate mistake of kidnapping four employees of Joe Spivey and as a result came into direct confrontation with Long Hands, the gang's leader.

Kort Chorfaleo (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Under Senator Geesh, Kort manages the Qeibrim Station. Kort is corrupt, soooo corrupt... Which made it easy for a certain independent trader.

Kratsix (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Security Chief, Personal bodyguard and second in command to Guliard Pfenious Backstrom. He is the mate of Deafixha and the father of their daughter Ebaxjapopa (Poppy).

LifeNet AI Tasked with saving the remnants of humanity, the LifeNet AI has more than one iron in the fire to achieve this end.

Also aware of its own inevitable demise, it created a backup plan, more of an experiment really and certainly a long shot.

As far as AI's go, LifeNet was actually a little proud of this backup plan. The plan was called, Baka Neko... But things didn't quite go as smoothly as LifeNet calculated.

Lili Feyl (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A young medical doctor at Qeibrim Station. She was the case handler for a female coma patient brought into the station by a patrol.

Lisa An eight-year-old orphan resident in the New Flagstaff orphanage. Lisa has the bed next to Finny and the two girls are confidants but do not share the same interests.

Whereas Finny is a tomboy and a natural leader, Lisa is a girly girl and a natural follower and has her own little clique of likeminded friends.

Lisa has chosen not to work in Joe Spivey's ammunition factory.

Lonely Lonely is probably about fifteen years old. She is a drudge in the Devil's Own camp just north of Hope Springs.

Whenever Doctor Tukiko Troy visits from Hope Springs, Lonely is one of the three drudges assigned to assist her.

The arrangement made between the doctor and Long Hands, the northern gang's leader is that the three drudges will be medically trained and, once the training is complete,

they will be 'adopted' by the gang as full members. Technically, then, Doctor Troy owns the three teenagers... Something that does not sit well with her.

For Lonely, however, this arrangement has meant an immediate improvement in her living standards and even a degree of respect.

Long Hands At twenty-five, Long Hands is the unusually youthful leader of the northern camp of the three Devil's Own gangs which more or less surround Hope Springs.

Although just as fierce, even as vicious, as the other gang leaders,

Long Hands is considered 'progressive' in that he favours closer relations with the residents of Hope Springs rather than just being constantly at war with them.

However, Long Hand's progressive ideas do not sit well with the other two, older, gang leaders or even with certain elements of his own camp.

Lost Bride (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A figure from the pre-Sirtuin past for whose existence there is considerable evidence.

In more recent times, her name has been used by a secretive 're-enactment' organisation to give a twisted validity to their extreme views.

Lucille Slater (Clone) Lucille Lucinda Lucy-belle Slater. AKA Lucy Slade. AKA Linda Palmer. AKA Lucinda Palmer. AKA Lucy-belle Higgins. AKA Aunt Lucy

Born: 1984 Odessa Texas Died: 2044 Mountain View Prison, Gatesville, Texas

1994 Shoplifting

1994 Shoplifting

1994 Taking a motor vehicle without consent

1995 Possession of controlled drugs (3 counts)

1995 Burglary

1995 Burglary

1995 Trafficking in controlled drugs

1996 Arson

1996 Assault

1996 Trafficking in controlled drugs

1997 Prostitution

1997 Prostitution

1998 Robbery

1999 Prostitution

1999 Prostitution

2001 Trafficking illegal immigrants

2004 Trafficking illegal immigrants

2008 Abduction

2018 Keeping a Brothel

2018 Abduction (12 counts)

2018 Trafficking in illegal immigrants

2018 Murder (6 counts)

2038 Murder (63 counts)

2038 Attempted murder (121 counts)

2044 Stay of execution. Prisoner transferred to Life Industries (GlobalTech)

Which about sums this woman up. Lucille Slater looks to be in her mid-sixties. Small and thin, old and bent with silver hair. But don't be deceived and definitely don't accept a cookie from her.

Aunt Lucy is as mean and vicious as they come and would poison a whole town if it meant killing the one person she was after killing...

As in the case of those 63 murders and 121 attempted murders among the inmates of the prison where they were foolish enough to let her work in the kitchens.

Her racket is prostitution and the wasteland provides her with a never ending supply of young hard-luck cases to feed her brothels.

Lucille is a clone and is unusual in that when she re-clones she doesn't get cloning sickness but rather an intense orgasmic experience.

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