Who Is...? (Casper to Gregor)
Who Is...? (Casper to Gregor) postapocalyptic stories

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.
It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Who Is...? (Casper to Gregor)

Casper Casper (we have not yet learned if he has a second name) is a nine-year-old orphan and has been a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage since he was left at the front door as a baby.

Casper, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey's ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage building.

Casper is a member of a group of four similarly aged orphans collectively known as 'The Reading Group'.

They are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey's makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write. Casper is not noted for his bravery, in fact the opposite.

Casper has a long list of things that he is afraid of and goes to great lengths in avoiding all of them.

In fact, it is unlikely he would ever leave the orphanage if it was not for Finny, the little group's leader, encouraging him to do so.

Maybe because of this, Casper has developed a crush on Finny and even though he thinks he hides this from the others, almost everyone is aware of it.

Christopher Taggert A sixteen-year-old resident of the New Flagstaff orphanage and resident bully.

Also known as 'Taggs', this nasty piece of work enjoys making the lives of the younger kids a misery... Backed up by his cronies of course.

Claud (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Like almost all household employees on the Troy estate situated on the banks of Lake Griffen in what used to be Switzerland, only first names are used.

This is traditional and prevents familial rivalry getting in the way of their jobs. Claud, is the majordomo of Alicia Troy's household.

Clive (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Clive is a security officer at Schloss Egg. He is married, which is unusual in post-Sirtuin society.

Cybil Jonsdottir-Jonsson (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Cybil is a young and eager conservation student based at the museum on the Troy estate.

She was assigned to professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill as her assistant on the Troy Foundations investigative expedition, after bringing an unusual artefact to the attention of her superiors.

David Nesterov-Braben (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A field archaeologist working at the Hope Springs dig site.

A close friend of professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill and is famous for wearing a colourful, multipatterned woollen hat.

Deafixha (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Financial advisor and court liaison officer to Guliard Pfenious Backstrom. She is the mate of Kratsix and the mother of their daughter Ebaxjapopa (Poppy).

Dean Coutes-Vaughen (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) The unfortunately named Dean of Brasilia University. Students happily call him Dean Dean, much to his annoyance.

Perpetually worried about the university's financial future, Dean Dean enjoys his drink a little too much.

Derek (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) One of the most trusted of Alicia Troy's security team. Derek has, many times, gone above and beyond in serving the head of the Troy household.

Ellie (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Ellie is just the name she currently goes by and is a recent change from what it was before.

Ellie changes her name frequently, which is understandable considering, as she is the absolute head of the Troy family's security organisation...

Including all the security teams assigned to other Troy family members, she is a huge (if diminutive) target.

Except for rare occasions, Ellie constantly wears almost opaque sunglasses, or some other kind of visor. On those rare occasions when she does not, she wears uncomfortable contact lenses.

Ellie and Alicia Troy do not see eye to eye on all aspects of Alicia's and President Floyd's plan for world peace.

She particularly doesn't like Alicia's insistence on giving Professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill access to the Once famous but now closed Troy Archive.

Emile Drewper (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Doctor Emile Drewper. A consultant neurologist who reports to Senator Geesh. Dr.

Drewper is an elderly man with long white hair and has been in his current position for many years thanks to the patronage of the senator.

Eric Small Eric is a thirty-year-old, middle level Union official who works in the Buildings Department of Union headquarters. Eric is a 'fixer'.

If you need a street to be clear of Union patrols at a certain time and day, then Eric will fix it.

If you need a sweep of the hovels and cribs in the rundown and crime infested area of New Flagstaff known as The Borough - just to find and remove a certain child into the care of

the Union orphanage - then again, Eric is your man. Eric, however, lives in constant fear that his sideline will be found out.

No amount of persuasion that absolutely nobody in the Union actually cares about what he does has any effect. Nor does telling him that his behaviour is seen as just being 'part of the system'.

Over the years, the poor man has developed a disfiguring psoriasis like skin condition because of his nerves.

Fairy Touched Fairy Touched was a young woman in her early twenties and had blue hair. She was also a member of the Devil's Own gang that had its camp just north of Hope Springs.

According to Onetit Dogreath, another member of the same gang and a close friend, Fairy Touched was also Finny's mother.

Fairy was killed during a raid by the townsfolk of Hope Springs, ably abetted by bloodthirsty hired clones.

Fingal Agin A geriatric street tailor in his sixties.

Fingal is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Tall and skinny but usually hunched over to hide his height, Fingal makes specialist clothing for his criminal clientele.

He has a taste for sausages, which is fortunate as they seem to be the main part of his diet.

Finny Or Ophelia as she is known when authority is taking aim at her.

Finny is a nine-year-old orphan and has been a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage for the past two years,

after being caught up in a Union sweep of The Borough where Finny had lived since she was two.

Finny, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey's ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage.

She is both smart and inquisitive, traits that sometimes get her into trouble, and she leads a little gang comprising of her and three fellow orphans.

Collectively known as 'The Reading Group', they are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey's makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write.

Consequential to this, Finny has developed a love of reading and looks for books with a strong female protagonist.

Outside of work Finny has led her little band into several adventures, two of which have so far been written.

Flyp Called such by Joe Spivey because Joe gave up trying to pronounce the man's oriental name. Flip was, and probably still is to some extent, one of Joe's men.

Flip's less than basic grasp of English and his tendency to make good situations bad and bad situations infinitely worse led to Joe hiding Flip away way down south in Embry...

Before Miss Brown tried to make good on her constant threats to kill him. Flip now runs a reasonably successful Chinese/Japanese/ Thai restaurant in the less choosy parts of Embry.

He has also gone a long way to alleviate the feral cat problem in the immediate area.

Fru-Fru In inmate of the New Flagstaff orphanage and of similar age to Finny and co.

Fru-Fru got her name when she was four and saw a man coming out of the police station dressed in a ballerina's skirt. She mistakenly called it a fru-fru rather than a tu-tu and the name stuck.

Fru-Fru is not an employee of Joe Spivey's ammunition factory, although she is on the waiting list.

Geesh (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Senator Septimus Geesh, to give him his full name and title.

The senator seeks ever greater political power and uses intimidation, violence and even murder, not to mention his family's considerable wealth, to further his aims.

A sadistic racist with a nasty side-serving of perversion.

Giles Clegane-Summer (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) 'Gillie' to his friends. Senior conservator at the Troy Foundation museum located on the Troy family estate.

Gillie reports directly to Ellie on recent finds and especially on certain 'specific' items, should they show up. Described as being short and round, he is much respected by all.

Gregor (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Along with Victor, Gregor (only Ellie gets away with calling him Greggie) is one of the longest serving retainers of the Troy family.

Both he and Victor were part of the Grand Mother's original security team. Gregor now serves as Ellie's personal bodyguard.

Though Ellie is his boss, Gregor often treats her as a naughty child and has been known to disobey a direct order from her if he thinks this will put her in peril.

The truth of the matter is that Ellie has given him express and irrefutable orders to do this.

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