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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within Fallen Earth.

Who Is...? (Alicia Troy to Bumble)

A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings.

We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within Fallen Earth.

It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue.

If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven't then you probably won't.

Alicia Troy-O'Rourke (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Seventeenth child of The Grand Mother and former president of the world.

Alicia, along with the current world president, President Floyd, has been instrumental in seeking a higher level of peace and security for the growing population.

This has not sat well with Ellie, her head of security. For complicated political reasons, Alicia and Guliard Pfenious Backstrom are betrothed to be married.

Amy (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Full name not yet known. Amy is an anthropology student assigned to Doctor Harry Hubbard-Awolowo.

Amy is ambitious and sees her current assignment as potentially a huge step forward in her career.

Archie & Harvey You cannot have one without the other so here they are together.

Archie and Harvey are both in their seventies, camp as a row of pink tents, and live four doors down from the Spivey-Kjaers.

Famous for their many soirees, they have become 'must know' characters amongst New Flagstaff's social elite. However, there is another side to them.

Archie and Harvey were once prominent agents of a covert intelligence organisation and, although now very retired, well, old habits die hard.

Because of their exciting past they are sure to be on other people's various shit lists. Consequently, they have protected their house with sophisticated technology.

Secret panels reveal a startling array of ready to use weaponry and, to top it all, they have their very own secret underground bunker.

Arno (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) At fifteen years old, Arno is still an infant in this world of the long-lived.

He works at Schloss Egg as one of the household staff but has ambitions to become a security officer.

He has already applied to get onto the training course, even though he is well below the required minimum entrance age.

Arron Burroughs-Charmondleigh (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A professor of pre-Sirtuin history at Brasilia University.

Shortly after publishing his treatise on the historical character 'Lost Bride' the professor died in a tragic accident.

Arsen (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A legend of the Gu-Nar tribe, famous for his heroic exploits and his escape from the lands of the Bru-Mei.

Arthur Hancock (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) A Ranger at Wembley base assigned to assist in the Troy Foundation's investigative expedition.

Aunty Wainwright Aunty is probably the most successful fence in the Union territory and certainly the most successful in New Flagstaff.

She also holds a lot of sway among the other fences in the city, so getting in her bad books is never going to be good for business.

Everyone has made use of Aunty's services, from the snot nosed kid who has just shoplifted a whole jar of candy, up to career criminals and even organised crime families.

Above all else, Aunty Wainwright can be trusted to keep a secret. Her age is indeterminate because of her strange habit of wearing several layers of clothes at all times and only rarely washing.

Let's be generous and call her middle aged.

Baka Neko (Clone) An unlikely warrior. Created with a brain, not brawn, and an uncanny ability to see the world as numbers and patterns that can be rearranged for fun and profit.

This ditzy twenty-year-old was most surprised to find herself as part of a batch of clones spewed out of the cloner in South Burb to fight against the latest attack by hordes of Blade Dancers,

the local bad boys.

Having survived that, she had the misfortune to run into eight of the local population who were curious to find out if you could actually fuck a clone to death, so they gave it their best shot.

Bad things subsequently happened but Baka Neko eventually found herself in New Flagstaff not only with a soon to be fiance called Scott Moreland but also a bag of eight mummified penises and

no idea how she had gotten them. Sometime later she was murdered by a hooded psychopath... And then things got really weird. Baka Neko bears an uncanny resemblance to Miss Brown and Tukiko Troy

Bank Officer Montenegro This worthy oversees the vaults in the Plaza De La Charca in New Flagstaff.

He settles any 'issues' by applying the Banker (one of the six main factions) rules of business.

Basically, if you want to continue using the vaults then you don't mess with Bank Officer Montenegro.

It was with Bank Officer Montenegro's permission that Finny was granted vault space of her own. What that cost Joe Spivey is a secret between him and his ledgers.

Beth A seamstress on the wrong side of twenty-five and far too keen on the gin. Beth works for Fingal Agin and is the best friend of Nancy, a fellow seamstress also working for Fingal.

Beth is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Bill Bailey Bill is the manager of the first garage en-route from New Flagstaff to Hope Springs. He also keeps an eye on the LifeNet facility adjacent to the garage.

Bill just wants a quiet life. He is in his late twenties and might be called handsome by some.

He certainly thinks so and has every intention of not getting his good looks messed up by sticking his nose into other people's business.

Bill Skye A burly man in his late forties, a bruiser, a robber, a burglar and an expert with ropes.

Bill is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Even people in The Borough are afraid of Bill due to his hair-trigger temper. Bill has a pet Yorkshire terrier called Tulip.

"Bob" Obviously 'Bob' is not his real name, we don't know his real name.

What we do know about Bob is that he is a kind of 'Department Head' in the Lightbearer's secret organisation, the 'Sun and Moon'.

Bob's long running pet project seems to be centred around Tukiko Troy and has something to do with a pre-Fall scientific venture called 'Protect Butterfly'.

Of interest, when both he and Tukiko Troy were in their mid-teens, and Tukiko was studying at Haven,

Bob tried to become romantically linked with the young Tuki but nothing apparently came of it. That was a lot of years ago and Bob is now middle aged.

Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) Professor of Pre-Sirtuin Archaeology at Brasilia University and head of the archaeology department there.

Professor Hill is two hundred and sixty-two years old. She has built her professional reputation on presenting the history of some seven hundred years ago based only on careful research.

The professor has no room for fanciful stories.

Most annoyingly, however, is that whenever professor Hill researches into the History of the Troy family beyond what is contained in 'The History', she is stymied at almost every turn.

Often this is due to legal objections from the Troy dynasty itself. Consequently, the professor has 'issues' with the Troys.

Britney (SIRT1 STORY ONLY) At only nineteen years old,

Britney is no longer considered to be an infant but she is still very much a child when considering that almost half of the world population is,

despite looking no older than their early twenties, aged well into their hundreds.

Currently, therefore, she is in a kindergarten archaeology class being carefully supervised at the ongoing dig at Hope Springs.

Bumble A man in his late middle age, overweight, red-faced and usually out of breath... Pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen.

When he's not driving a desk at the Union patrol office he can be found moonlighting as an overseer at Joe Spivey's ammunition factory in New Flagstaff.

For the quick witted and fleet of foot orphans he is a source of amusement. Push him too far, however, and they will see Bumble's nasty side.

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