Not a story, more an explanation.
Not a story, more an explanation. postapocalyptic stories

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What drives my stories? ...It's complicated.

Not a story, more an explanation.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea. We'll see I suppose.

For many moons I and a few close friends have played an online game (now defunct) called Fallen Earth.

A post-apocalyptic world with gangs and violence, initially set in and around the Grand Canyon; you know the sort of game, all gun-stats and armour upgrades.

But we didn't play for that, we played because it was a wonderful roleplay setting where we could work on our characters and what they got up to in that barren but away from all the pew-pew.

We turned the world setting into something we wanted it to be, the life in and around several settlements which were spread over a large, wild and usually hostile terrain.

We changed the names of the settlements from how the game had named them and most of my stories are set in and around two settlements in particular; New Flagstaff (an original game name)

and Hope Springs, a renamed settlement a few miles away.

As for the people we populated the land with, well, hopefully you will get to know them through the flashbacks from the main story called SIRT 1 : Thoughts of a Dying AI... Which is set seven hundred years in the future but has flash-backs to the lives of some of the characters from the past.

Most of these characters were played by less than half a dozen players and we got to know each other's 'toons' well enough that they became so familiar to us that we could write stories

using each other's characters and keep the flavour of that character just as the player had created it. Of course, we became great friends too over.... wow thirteen years now.

But then the game folded.

Our character's, however live on in old stories and stories still being written. They also exist in another game we migrated to, but it's not the same, you know.

So, that is why I am here, to post these stories and write more for the three remaining players who still like to occasionally dip into that world we created. One of them 'Hyle' (also the name of one of her characters) has joined me here on Commaful. If you like what i write, do please look her up. Hyle's stories look at everything from her various characters PoV and expand arears of the story I have only briefly mentioned.

But, I don't know if it is a good idea or even if it will work. The stories were written by and for the people who were involved and who already know their way around the world, 'our' world.

I worry that any new readers might get a bit lost there. But, if you do, just throw a question at me. Not only will it help you know where you are, but adding exposition will (hopefully) produce a better story. So feel free to post comments and suggest improvements to my writing Thank you.

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