Hyle's Who Is...? (Kirsten Kjær-Spivey to Ytte Skovlund)
Hyle's Who Is...? (Kirsten Kjær-Spivey to Ytte Skovlund) postapocalyptic stories

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.
It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Hyle's Who Is...? (Kirsten Kjær-Spivey to Ytte Skovlund)

Kirsten Kjaer-Spivey (clone)

Cloned in Boneclaw, Kirsten quickly discovered how to use her exceptional feminine charms to acquire what she wanted out of life and thus embarked on a career as a 'gold-digger'.

Upon arrival in New Flagstaff she quickly selected super wealthy Joe Spivey as her next sugar-daddy.

Then, to the complete surprise, nay total amazement of herself, Joe and virtually everyone in Flags.

Joe and Kirsten fell deeply in love, the relationship cemented by the arrival soon after of their daughter Anneka.

Now firmly head of the household their opulent town house 'Chez-Spivey',

Kirsten oversees the smooth running of both the house and her own business interests which include a lot of charity work both in Flagstaff and Hope Springs.

A leading light in New Flagstaff's social elite, always well dressed. Kirsten has certainly found her place in society, although not quite by the route she originally imagined.

She is also a close friend of Hyle Troy.

Kirsten has employed Silja Henningsdottir as nanny to Anneka.

Alongside Hyle Troy, she is also one of Rico Martinez' favourite clients.

Meike Schneider

One of Silja Henningsdottir's group of close friends.

The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff's burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau's Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs.

Meike is the daughter of the town librarian and had recently been appointed as a teacher in Hope Springs School.

Monika Spiegel

One of Silja Henningsdottir's group of close friends.

The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff's burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau's Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs.

Daughter of a wealthy banker.

Ned Flowers

Former boxer, Ned is head of a small group of 'minders' in the employ of one Joe Spivey Esq.

often called upon to 'have a quiet word' with those who have been unwilling to settle their accounts with 'Mr. Spivey'.

Officer Dybbol

One of Inspector Crabbe's NFPD squad. What can I say? He turns up, does a good job then goes home. Reliable.

Officer Kopkage

One of Inspector Crabbe's NFPD squad, and Crabbe's right hand man. 'Kop' is a good cop, dilligent, world-wise. And much to Joe Spivey's surprise, completely incorruptible.

Officer Kojarsky

One of Inspector Crabbe's NFPD squad and completely in the wrong vocation. Lazy to highest degree and as dumb as they come, could not see a clue even if it kissed him.

The problem being, Kojarsky thinks he is the best cop, ever.

Rico Martinez (NPC)

Most people will have met Rico. He owns and runs the fashion boutique in Trumbull.

Flanboyant Rico is famous for his 'haute couture' creations and attracts wealthy and stylish clients from far and wide. Kirsten Kjaer-Spivey and Hyle Troy are numbered among these.

Sorja Troy (clone)

Sorja and Hyle Troy are sisters. And like most siblings are chalk and cheese.

Way back in the beginning, Hyle found a girl wandering around the town of Midway, The girl had no idea of her name or where she came from or where she was going.

After a light hack into Lifenet, Hyle and Sorja discovered her identity and their bond to each other.

Later in Hope Springs, the Troy sisters reopened the diner and The Waffelhus was born.

Sorja became extremely adept at cooking and The Waffelhus' fame spread far and wide as 'The best little diner in the province' for its quality food.

Yearning for solitude, Sorja left Hope Springs for a life of peace and happiness in a cabin in Kaibab, finding love at last in the form of a meaty muscular lumberjack by the name of Bjorn.

Hyle will always love and miss her sister, and always hold her in gratitude for the unending support she gave, helping her survive the trauma and stress she was suffering at the time.

Silja Henningsdottir (clone)

Daughter of Henning Mortensson and half-sister to Hanne Berg.

Born in Iceland into a happy home with a loving mother,

the young Silja witnessed the destruction of her life firstly by her father's alcoholism then from the malicious interference of Globaltech.

In harrowing circumstances, Silja died at the age of eight.(http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/blog/silja-henningsdottir/longu-sidan-a-islandi-1)

Fast forward post apocalypse but only an instant later in her own awareness, a suddenly teenage Silja stumbled out of a life-net bunker into the savage Arizona sun.

Using the scavenging skills she learned in the death-camp, Silja is a 'chancer', living on her wits, propelled by her adolescent belief in immortality.

Silja found herself in Hope Springs stealing food from trash bins. There she met an equally adolescent Tukiko Troy and they became lifelong friends.

On to New Flagstaff, Silja earned a living taking jobs, mostly courier work, from, and/or between Joe Spivey and Fat Eric up in Trader Flats.

The turning point in Silja's life came when Kirsten Kjaer-Spivey gave her a job as nanny to her daughter Anneka.

Since then Silja has grown up and matured, and is a damned good nanny, much appreciated by Joe and Kirsten. In fact she is regarded now as part of the family.

Silja's hatred for her father, and by association for her sister Hanne, surfaces from time to time.

But in the main Silja has found her place, has found romance in her life with Uwe Wittmann and is very happy.

Theis Lund Jakobsen (clone)

Bright, handsome and gay. Theis is the skilful barista working alongside Isaac in The Waffelhus.

Hyle, unwilling to fire Isaac but also concerned at falling customer numbers at The Waffelhus, employed Theis and is very happy with the results.

Fellow Danes, Theis and Hyle have an excellent working relationship, Theis managing the diner freeing Hyle to concentrate on her other mayoral duties.

OK Theis does have a habit of raising an eyebrow or two at Hyle's lifestyle, but then again Tuki raised a few eyebrows, so did Sorja... and so on and so forth.

Uwe Wittmann

One of Silja Henningsdottir's group of close friends.

The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff's burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau's Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs.

Ok thats how it started but now Silja and Uwe are an item.

The son of New Flagstaff grocer Franz Wittman and his wife Edeltraut, Uwe is a dutiful son to his strict, moralistic and implacable father, and works alongside him in the family business.

He could have bimbled along, happy in his own existence had not Silja taken a shine to him and as one guy in a bunch of friends comprising three other girls, he was helpless, and found himself,

albeit happily with Silja on his arm

Joe Spivey thinks he is 'an alright kid, if a little wishy-washy for his tastes".

Ytte Skovlund (clone)

Daughter of a Prussian Field-Marshall, Ytte Maria Henriette von Skovlund was born into the rarefied, highest strata of Germanic society.

She had society at her feet, privilege and wealth was guaranteed. But, she wanted a military career.

And due to her fathers position she got a career against all the conventions that existed in Prussia in 1860. Sadly she met her end suddenly during the Battle of Dybbol in Denmark in 1864.

Preserved in Danish bog for two hundred years before her discovery by archaeologists, her DNA somehow found its way into Life-net.

Result: Leutnant Ytte Skovlund emerged from a bunker two hundred and fifty years beyond her experiences and suffered a catastrophic culture shock.

Finding Hope Springs, she met Hyle Troy. She saw the Hostel and its compliment of victims of violence. She saw the refugees. She saw assistance given to them unconditionally.

She saw for the first time the true cost of conflict.

Ytte is now an integral part of Hope Springs community, becoming head teacher at the School

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