Hyle's Who Is...? (Anneka Kjær-Spivey to Isaac Mitchell)
Hyle's Who Is...? (Anneka Kjær-Spivey to Isaac Mitchell) postapocalyptic stories

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of their collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.
It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Hyle's Who Is...? (Anneka Kjær-Spivey to Isaac Mitchell)

Anneka Kjaer-Spivey

Four year old 'Anni' is the daughter of Joe and Kirsten Kjaer-Spivey. News of her impending arrival came as a complete surprise to Kirsten and Joe, and half of New Flagstaff for that matter.

Being born into the richest family in New Flagstaff has its advantages, but she is surrounded by people who love her and care for her,

while at the same time are determined to prevent her growing up spoiled and arrogant. Joe's 'little princess' will be brought up to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Even at the tender age of four, Anneka is already bi-lingual having learned Icelandic from her nanny, Silja Henningsdottir.


One of Joe Spivey's group of 'minders' under the supervision of Ned Flowers. Chuckles has a penchant for explosives.

He is generally very adept at his craft but is sometimes given to be a little over-enthusiastic. As Ned oftens says, "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" (sic.)

Dwight Frye

Former Union tax collector and bain of Joe Spivey's life. Highly efficient in his work, always well turned out, clean and tidy.

Psychotic schizophrenic Dwight Frye was head-hunted for his many skills and is now working for The Ranyhyn Company as Personal Assistant to Miss Hanne Berg.

Deemed by her to be the perfect shoe-in for the post,

Dwight is eternally grateful to Miss Berg for the opportunity and will move heaven and earth (and several dead bodies) to garner her approval. It could be said he absolutely adores her.

Dwight also has a 'thing' about spiders', Particularly those that come to him in the night, especially the giant Black Widow one, the one he calls 'Mother'.

Fat Eric

Six kilometres North-West of Traders Flats.

Behind a high electrified fence, surrounded by armed guards, in the centre of manicured gardens fit for a Marquis, as ostentatious as a flamboyant pikey's caravan,

lies Fat Eric's imposing mansion.

Inside, flanked by two oiled and tanned and semi-naked beefcakes, waited on hand and foot by his mincing butler who's gilded blue uniform would put a foppish French General to shame,

you will find the catastrophically obese Fat Eric.

High in the Traveller (one of the six major factions) hierarchy, Fat Eric has his finger in most every pie (metaphoric, not pork) and by dint of that fact has grown immensely wealthy.

Do not be taken on by his 'bon homie', his camp Rip Taylor-esque repartee, or even his jolly Col. Sanders goatee. Fat Eric is nasty.

Cross him, and you can expect to wake up looking for your head, unless you are a touch twinkish, in which case Fat Eric will keep you as a pet.

Fat Eric is on the client list of The Ranyhyn Company being is especially fond of 'That nice Mr. Frye's' efficiency when interviewing.

Ford Zodiac

Periodic party-goer at The Waffelhus. Has a penchant for dancing, rhinestone and is a big fan of Brokeback Mountain. Wardrobe by 'Rico'.

Hanne Berg

Hanne,is not a clone, she wears a fake collar. Daughter of Henning Mortensson and half- sister to Silja Henningsdottir.

Hanne was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to inebriate parents and suffered a squalid upbringing, Hanne was always a loner, feeling ashamed of her circumstance and more so her parents.

Her mother died quite early, falling drunk into Halifax harbour while on a 'bender' with Henning.

Finishing up in New Flagstaff and appalled at all the crime and violence, Hanne formed The Ranyhyn Company,

a sort of detective agency cum intelligence service with a knack for solving crimes before they happen. Or, anyone feeling wronged can have summary justice served, for a generous fee.

This 'justice' usually involves gravity and duct tape ably assisted by a sadistic Dwight Frye.

Currently, Hanne is recovering from an assassination attempt, She is wheelchair bound and severely disabled by the head trauma she suffered.

Harald Jonsson (aka Lattergas, Faceache,)(NPC)

Ill-tempered owner of the isenkraemmer (hardware store) in Hope Springs.

He welcomed a starving and destitute Hyle Troy into his shop with the words "Come back when you have some chips, clone!" and basically their relationship went downhill from there.

Henning Mortensson

Henning had an idyllic life farming in Iceland with his beautiful wife and baby daughter Silja. Until he discovered his undoing, vodka.

The resulting alcoholism enabled Henning to efficiently destroy his own life and the lives of his wife and child.

Drunkedly disappearing into a storm one night, Henning washed up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he met a woman with similar interests and somehow produced his second daughter, Hanne,

who left home as soon as she could.

Henning finally washed up in New Flagstaff, under the care of Hanne who, luckily decided that blood was thicker than vodka and gave him a job at The Ranyhyn Company, as janitor.

After an attempt at reconciliation with his other daughter Silja failed badly, no amount of blood ties could ever overcome the hate she felt for him, Henning retired to a farm in Kaibab.

He finally met his end driving at high speed into a large tree while hugely under the influence of the vodka

Hyle Troy (clone)

Hyle arrived in Hope Springs several years ago with only the clothes she stood up in, and they were in tatters. And pregnant, just to put the top on it.

Shortly after that, Hope was all but destroyed during a pitched battle between factional interests. Hyle stayed on while many left.

She helped rebuild the town, working tirelessly with others, but she lost her unborn child as a consequence.

The Waffelhus became her first business venture which blossomed due to her business acumen. She became wealthy, opening other businesses and charities in Hope Springs.

Eventually she became Mayor of the town and created The Troy Foundation which has established a clinic, a school, a hostel for refugees and a social care system in Hope Springs.

One of those that know her well recently said of her:

"Hyle is a force of nature. It is her way or the highway in Hope so get used to it. But she has earned the right for that to be so.

She has been instrumental into turning what was basically a war zone into a peaceful town which is safe for its residents... well, relative to the rest of the wasteland anyway.

She has made it her business to take in the homeless and the 'no hopers' and giving them time and space to catch their breath and see that there is another way.

And she has proven that she will stand up for them when called upon. She is trusted to do what she says and to do the right thing. Oh, and she's not a bad cook."

Hyle is the adoptive mother of Tukiko Troy. She is also host to the weekly Waffelhus Street Party where those who attend can witness Hyle's renowned ability to 'Party like a Viking'. "Well.

A girl needs to let her hair down occasionally. Doesn't she?"

Inspector Crabbe

Close to retirement, Inspector Crabbe leads a Police squad in the NFPD. Once keen and enthusiastic about his career, he is now brow-beaten, overweight and counting the days to his pension.

Oh, and a savings fund courtesy of Joe Spivey and The Ranyhyn Company. The cost of playing both ends against the middle only adding to Crabbe's woes.

Isaac Mitchell (NPC)

Long standing (he does stand around an awful lot) employee at The Waffelhus. Famous for being able to produce the worst coffee know to man.

Despite this, Hyle can not find it in her heart to sack him, he has worked there for as long as a diner has been in Hope Springs, In fact some say they built the place around him.

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